Resync Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are key players at Resync. You’re in charge of growing Resync with your network, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. When you do spend time referring people to our Resync product, we’ll thank you in cash.


Benefits of Becoming A Resync Ambassador

  • Commission for each referral! Each time your customers takes an upsell or returns to buy more Resync products, we’ll pay you a commission for that referral too.
  • Timely bi-weekly or monthly payouts with Paypal, check, or ACH deposits.
  • Get advanced insight on new and upcoming product releases. Early access to new data on products, research and news, medically checked facts, and high-quality health content.
  • Free monthly support with digital and/or print data at your request to share with your clients. 
  • Networking with company decision makers and campaign opportunities.
  • Expanded reach through Resync's social channels - exposure to our audiences.


  • Raise Resync's brand awareness.
  • Engagement with a target audience.
  • Creativity and fresh perspective on our brand.
  • Weekly social media posts about Resync (via pictures, videos, testimonials of your clients, or any stories). Please note that Instagram posts will need to be applied as both posts and stories, not only stories. For an example, film a video of how you use Resync on a daily basis or how you recommend that others use it and share it with us! IF WE FORGET YOUR MONTHLY SHIPMENT, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US AND WE WILL CORRECT IT IMMEDIATELY!
  • Sales contributions via your unique ambassador referral link.


Percent commission will vary from ambassador to ambassador (largely based on your social media presence) and will be discussed with Barbara Depta, our CEO, personally. Typically, in order to sustain being an ambassador, after one month, several sales need to be coming from your account or your social media needs to have over 10,000 followers. It will be ultimately up to Resync’s team to determine whether or not someone remains an ambassador after that period of time. If a client is referred that is eligible for wholesale pricing, ambassador will be eligible for up to but no more than 5% commission. At any time, Resync reserves the right to halt a relationship with an ambassador for unforseen circumstances.


The Resync Ambassador Program allows you to earn commission off of every sale generated through your network. When you refer a customer to us, and that customer makes a purchase with your exclusive promotional link, we say THANK YOU by giving you a commission. How do people receive their product? We take care of processing, fulfillment and customer service. We say thank you by sending you your commissions directly via check, direct deposit, or wire transfer. It’s that easy. Lifetime commissions will be paid out on subscriptions, meaning you will get paid each and every month for subscribers you referred for the lifetime of their subscription.

Important Note

We at Resync want to make sure that anyone involved in promoting our products is familiar with basic FTC advertising principles. The FTC has taken action not just against supplement manufacturers, but also, in appropriate circumstances, against ad agencies, distributors, retailers, catalog companies, infomercial producers, and others involved in deceptive promotions. Therefore, all parties who participate directly or indirectly in the marketing of Resync dietary supplements have an obligation to make sure that claims are presented truthfully and to check the adequacy of the support behind those claims.

As a Brand Ambassador, what you say about our products on social media and elsewhere will be governed by rules created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for product endorsers. Additional information on FTC’s Guidelines can be found by clicking HERE.

In brief, the following are the three key principles:

  • Everything you say must reflect your honest opinions, experiences, and beliefs.
  • We (the company) must have evidence that the product can do what you say it does.
  • It must be clear to consumers that you have a relationship with us as an ambassador (in other words, in essence your posts are an advertisement for the product).

Of course, #1 is easy (you learned that in kindergarten!). For # 2, please generally limit your statements as to what the product can do to those claims that appear on the product labels. Of course, you can always talk about how much you like the product (if it is true)! #3 is perhaps the trickiest, but VERY important. It is not always obvious to consumers when people – even celebrities – post about products on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc., that they are somehow connected to the company that sells the products. Therefore, FTC requires endorsers of brands to clearly disclose their relationship with the brand to consumers. This is done in an effort to be truthful and transparent to consumers regarding the credibility or weight to be given to the endorsement.

Best Practices to Follow

  • Use “#ad” at the beginning of every post.
  • Avoid using unconventional ad-slang such as, “Spon,” “Advert,” etc. Even “#ResyncAmbassador” may not be sufficient.
  • Give readers the essential information. A simple disclosure like “Company X gave me this product to try...” will usually be effective.
  • At the start of a short video, you might say, “The products I’m going to use in this video were given to me by their manufacturers.”

Example 1 @kyliejenner

Example 2 @somethingnavy

Example 1

Beginning: “#ad” must be visible prior to clicking “See more” on a lengthy post.

Example 2

Tell a story: Arielle tells the story of how she was pitched to partner with Nexxus. There is no question whether or not this is an advertisement. It is very clear that she was given free product in exchange for her Instagram post.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions

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We look forward to building our relationship with you!