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Discover How A Simple Mixture Of Natural Yet Highly Effective  Nutrients Can Help You Manage Even Your Worst Flare-Ups

Listen: If you or anyone you love suffers from aching joints, knee, elbow, ankle, back pain, or any other aches and tenderness, it’s NOT your fault and you are NOT alone.

The pharmaceutical industry has been covering up natural, safe, and highly effective pain-relief solutions for years, so they can sell their dangerous and highly addicting pain pills and “recovery” drugs for billions of dollars in profit.

The truth is that in as little as 30 seconds a day, you can transform your life and body forever with safe and natural nutrients.

Hi, I’m Barbara Depta,

Athletic Structural Balance & Performance Coach for professional athletes and everyday hardworking folks like you and me.

And although I now have coached professional players that compete in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA Tours, and the UFC…

Amelia Moore

Joe Flacco

Jacoby Brissett

Gerrard Sheppard

Kamar Aiken

I used to be a semi-professional athlete myself, suffering from my own battles with aching muscles, deep pains, and over-stressed joints.

In fact, it was during my own recovery from an almost debilitating injury 30 years ago that changed my life forever.

And It Was During This Time That
I Realized 3 Very Important Things:

  1. That even ONE injury can be detrimental and have painful lasting impacts for the rest of your life.
  2. Everything stems from how we feel. When our body is injured physically, it affects us emotionally and psychologically as well. This impacts our relationships with others and the most important relationship of all...the one with ourselves. In fact, a recent study found that post-injury depression is a frequent diagnosis, especially because most athletes never return to full function.[1]
  3. Doctor prescribed pain pills and creams just cover up symptoms of the injury. These are fleeting and do not actually fix the root cause.

That’s why after my painfully slow and near-crippling recovery, I decided to dedicate my life to discover a safe and effective solution to help others recover faster and better than ever before.

And part of that is also inspired by my #1 goal to help people succeed in performing at their highest levels.

To do this, I knew that something needed to be done to help folks manage and even stop unbearable joint and muscle pain that can flare-up at any stage of activity.

So I chose to find a safe and natural alternative to addictive pain medication, irritating and ineffective creams, and dangerous surgeries.

But the solution did not come easy.

After my own slow, relentless recovery, I spent years watching professional athletes give up on dreams in their prime.

I also witnessed countless numbers of normal folk, and everyday gym-goers suffer from pains that would hold them back from reaching their long-awaited goal of finally getting in shape.

And it was all because of the same common issue...which I’ll tell you
more about in just a second.

But that’s why I dedicated the next 20 years to finding a solution to this exponentially growing “epidemic” and spent thousands of hours of science & performance research (at a professional level) to discover the simple yet highly effective solution to combating and even “rewinding” joint and muscle pain.

That’s why I’m going to show you the exact steps that you must do in order to help build lean athletic muscle, reduce the belly fat that has been slowing you down, causing even more chances for injury…

And more importantly…

Show you the #1 most important factor - that most people mistakenly neglect - which can be destroying your joints, physical health and your performance goals at this exact moment.

The #1 Reason Why Most People FAIL To Get The Body They Want and FAIL To Reach Their Top Performance Goals is Because of…

Joint and Muscular Decline

Now, I’ve worked with Superbowl Champions, marathon runners and even everyday weight training athletes who are simply just looking to beat their personal best…

But more importantly, I see this #1 FAIL issue happening in everyday folks who aren’t even slaving away in the gym or with a team.

That’s right…

Joint and Muscular Decline can happen to ANYONE.

And what I have found that the one major mistake most people all make when looking to transform their body and improving performance is...

They neglect the recovery process -
Especially for their joints and
muscular tissues.

You see, most people will mainly focus all their time on improving their training by lifting heavy, longer, and following a strict low-calorie diet...thinking that  is all that matters.

Now, those factors are vital in helping you reach your goals, however, none of it will matter if you are not fully supporting your body’s full recovery process before and after the training.

The thing is, I’ve seen so many professional athletes fail to reach their peak physical potential and even have their careers get cut short due to neglecting the recovery process of their joints.

That’s why I have made it my goal to help you avoid this one major mistake that could be holding you back from being your best.

If you are currently suffering from muscle soreness, extreme tightness in your hips or other sharp joint pains in your elbows, ankles, and knees…

Chances are you may suffer from 1 or even all 5 of these…

Disastrous Signs of Accelerated Joint DeclineAnd Poor Muscular Recovery
That Leads to Life-Long Injuries

Nearly everybody wants to improve their lives in one way or another. For some people, it is through dieting or working out. Others like to hike or be a part of sports teams. And some folks just enjoy a nice jog with their dog. In the end, each person has an innate desire to be a better version of themselves in one way or another.

However, as we age, our body changes.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best athlete in the world or the 2x a week gym-goer…

As we age, our body produces less and less naturally occurring joint and muscle supporting nutrients. On top of this, our “healing-hormones” slow down and cause our body to repair at a much slower rate.

When this happens, the physical training and intense movements we put our body through during workouts (or even during a light jog) can detrimentally cause the body to break down at a faster and more accelerated rate.

That is why it is most vital to begin correcting the #1 issue of joint and muscular decline as soon and as safely as possible.

And all it takes is one simple 30-second nutrition adjustment you must make daily before and after any physical activities.  

But first, let’s uncover the 5 major signs that you may be suffering from the beginnings of joint deteriorations…

5 Signs

You Suffer From
Joint Or Muscular Decline


Loss of Flexibility and Mobility

Can you easily touch your toes?

Lack of flexibility and mobility is a clear sign of improper healing of joints and muscle tissues. When this happens, you lose your full range of motion, making movements that used to come easily for you much more difficult.

Most people just accept that they are not flexible, but in reality, we should all have a much wider range of motion. 

Whenever you lift weights or practice any other type of intensive training, you end up putting a massive amount of pressure on your joints, muscles and connective tissue.

However, if you do not recover properly, you can have life-long side effects.

You see, un-recovered or under recovered muscles and connective tissues will not effectively support your joints.

And when your joints aren't supported, this can lead to short term (and even possible permanent) injuries and pain. 

Remember that muscles and other connective tissues recover way slower than your bones, and your diet plays an enormous role in enhancing your restoration process.  

So if you are currently feeling tightness or less flexibility, chances are your muscles and joints have been healing incorrectly which leads to the next point... 


Poor posture and body Imbalance

Do you feel like one side of your body is more dominant than the other?

Now, I’m not talking about if you are right or left handed, but if one side of your body is compensating for the other, this can indicate a big problem.

If your joints and muscles do not recover properly, it leads to a number of major imbalances within the body.

When you walk or do any physical activities, have you noticed one side is taking on more pressure?

Chances are a few parts of your body and joints are a bit out of alignment.

Every joint in the body is surrounded by muscles that produce and control movement. If muscles on one side of a joint become too tight from overuse or improper healing, it could cause the muscles on the other side to become too weak from lack of use.

This is called a muscular imbalance

As the muscle gets imbalanced, the joints begin to lose their proper placement. This can make the joints become restricted and the added pressure from the compensation in the body is now distributed incorrectly causing accelerated joint deterioration and decline.

This is dangerous not just for your bones, but all the connective tissues around your joints

In fact, this very issue has ended many
athlete’s careers.

This is also a major problem for increased pain due to nerves being pinched or rubbed in improper ways.

If any of this is familiar…chances are you are also suffering from the 3rd
performance killer…  


Under Recovering Due to Strict Diets

I’ve always said, “an under recovered athlete is an injured athlete™

And when you are injured, not only will you lose all your physical gains, but you will sabotage all the hard work you’ve put in.

Like I said earlier, most people will never reach their best body or performance once they get hurt. In fact, most people never go back to their full potential post-injury.

When most people start to workout, it is because they want to get in shape. A lot of the time, they enter into a new diet or eating program to help achieve this goal. However, another major cause for muscle decline is due to the lack of vital nutrients needed to have a healthy body.

Dieting and under-recovery almost always go hand-in-hand.

You see, the number one cause of poor performance, recovery and joint health is the lack of vital supporting nutrients.

This includes collagen and 6 other vital and completely necessary nutrients that you must start getting if you want to have strong and healthy joints with the connective tissue, and muscles surrounding it.

I will show you those top super nutrients below, but first I want to emphasize how dieting can cause under-recovery.

When you follow a low fat, carb-free, vegan, or keto diet that forces us to mistakenly cut vital joint boosting nutrients - you can end up becoming nutrient deficient. This directly impacts your recovery.

A good example of this is a low-fat diet. Fats are required to help men and women produce their sex hormones that control how a person will look, feel, and how healthy they can be. However when you follow a low-fat diet, you are literally cutting off the precursor-or the building blocks-of your hormones.

 And the same goes for other nutrients that you may be blindly removing from your eating plan. This is like asking someone to repair your wrecked car without parts or material. It’ll either never happen or the car will come back only partially fixed.

And since many of us are looking to stay active and become more physical or train more often…

Training with partially recovered joints and sore muscles will just lead to further breakdown of muscle.

This is one of the main causes of major injuries.


Rapid Weight Gain

If you are eating healthier, and even restricting your calories but still gaining weight, chances are you have some sort of joint problem or muscular imbalance in the body.

You see, with joint pain, you can unconsciously become less and less mobile. You can end up training with less effort,  and even skip out on workouts due to the pain.

When this happens, you burn less calories, which then increases weight gain, and slows down a healthy metabolism response.

In addition, the stress induced by the pain can cause our body to produce one of the most dangerous fat storing hormones called cortisol.

And weight gain is a downward spiral…

The more weight you gain, the more pressure will be added onto your joints. This is a bad road to go down because the more pressure you have, the more pain you have. This also means you have less mobility and a harder time losing weight.

It’s a life threatening vicious cycle we need to stop!



Now the “symptom” of aging is something we cannot stop,  but it's one the main reasons why our joints are slowly degrading…

All the daily wear and tear from everyday use after years and years, finally catches up to us.

After your mid 20’s, your body slows down in the production of Collagen (the structural protein our body needs to survive.) Collagen makes up to 30% of all bone and joint protein in the body!

And the less collagen your body produces the slower the body recovers… and without sufficient collagen, your bones become frail.

On top of that, the connective joint and muscle tissues also lose their elasticity. This means that they tighten up and increase the risk for muscle and ligament tears.

This is why as we age, we tend to stay sore longer, and feel much more pain.  It’s the big reason why older folks have to wait much longer before training or doing physical activities again, slowing down and even halting their progress.

That's why once you are past your mid 20’s it's vital you focus on getting the vital nutrients and building blocks for your joint and muscle support.

These nutrients are what your body craves to get and stay in peak shape.

Now don’t worry if you are discovering that you have not been maximizing your recovery process.

If you are suffering from 1 or all 5 symptoms, do not worry. It is extremely common, since one leads to the other.

However, I want to show you how to stop these symptoms dead in their tracks and give you the simple steps that I have all clients do to make a full recovery, help regain flexibility, improve the balance of the body, and cut down excess weight.

I will even show you the nutrients you need to start boosting your joint health and experience rapid muscular recovery no matter your age or training experience.

In fact, on multiple occasions, I was able to resurrect many of these pro athletes’ careers and help them make miraculous comebacks even after suffering so-called “career-ending” joint injuries or muscle tears…

The 3 Fastest and Most Advanced Joint Supporting Tactics My Professional Athlete Clients Did Daily To Increase Performance and Optimize Joint Health

Tactic #1

Lose Excess Weight And Build Strong Stabilizing Muscles

As I said before, it’s extremely vital that you cut excess weight that can be applying even more pressure on your knees and other high-pressure areas.

Did you know that every pound you are over your ideal weight, you put on 4 extra pounds of impact to all your joints per step?

So if you are even just 5 pounds over your ideal weight, you are putting an average of 20 pounds per step.

Since the average person takes about 4,000 steps a day, this means you are putting on an extra 80,000 pounds of pressure on your joints every single day.

And that’s just by being 5 pounds overweight…

Now Imagine being 10 -20 lbs overweight like the average American is…

That can add up to over 300,000 pounds of impact to your body every single day.

And that’s definitely not what you want...especially with the added impact from training and naturally occurring joint deterioration from aging.

So if you are feeling joint pains, we suggest cutting out more sugars, doing cardiovascular movements with the upper body, and most importantly start supplying your body with key fat-burning nutrients. In just a minute, I’m going to show you a few powerful nutrients that actually support your joints and your metabolism at the same time.

Tactic #2

Practice Specialized Stretching

To help increase your flexibility, you should practice smart stretches, which focus on your entire joint, and the muscles above and below it.

Dynamic stretches are active controlled movements (like leg swing to stretch your hamstrings) where joints and muscles go through full range of motion and they are usually used as a part of warm up before you exercise.

Static stretches should be used more for rehabilitation. This form of stretching can slow down/tired your muscles and that’s why it is not suggested to perform them before you exercise.

It is important to remember that’s just as there are many different ways to train, and strengthen your body, there are many different ways to stretch.

And nobody is saying that one type of stretching is better than another each type of stretching, as each one has its own advantages and this advantages, and the key to getting the most out of your stretching lies in being able to match the right type of stretching to the purpose, or goal you are trying to achieve

Dynamic Stretching

 Dynamic stretching is good at the beginning of your workout and consists of controlled, and gentle full range movements. An example would be slow, controlled leg swings, arm swings, or torso twists.

This helps improve dynamic flexibility and can be used during your warm up. Dynamic stretching exercises should be performed in sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Just be sure to stop when and if you feel tired because tired muscles have less elasticity which decreases your range of motion and can cause dangerous tears!

Static stretching

Static stretching means to stretch to the furthest point and hold. I recommend this type of stretching after your workout once your muscles are already warmed up. This will also help increase your overall flexibility. This type of stretching involves long holds in one position with no movement/motion. In other words, you get into a stretch position and hold that stretch for a specific amount of time.
While dynamic stretches are performed with movement.

Fascial Stretching

Now, dynamic and static stretching are the most common, and known forms of stretching, but fascial stretching has become one of the most effective methods/ways to improve your full range of motion.

Fascial stretching puts a big focus on breathing with your movement. Pace is usually slow and combined with multiple angles/ multidimensional stretches to increase your range of motion. The stretches are also performed with a specific chronological order to help you increase desired flexibility levels.

Fascia is defined as a sheath, fibrous connective tissue that wraps, and surrounds your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, every cell - it’s pretty much everywhere underneath your skin.

Fascia is seen as an integral system that includes all of your body’s fuzzy, collagenous connective tissue, as well as the cells that build, maintain, and remodel it.

Fascia plays a leading role in your dynamic stability and healthy movement.

This type of stretching should cause zero pain, improved performance, can be used during injury rehab, and supports weight loss efforts.

Now, Tactic #3 is the simplest yet most effective…

Supply Your Body With 7 Key Joint Recovery Nutrients Daily 

These nutrients are the #1 thing I have found to best support recovery. This is what I turn to daily, and the first thing I make sure all of my clients do.

You want to get the proper nutrients each day to support a healthy joint, muscle, and metabolic response.

These specific key nutrients help support the top 2 tactics by helping you lose weight (manage weight by adding needed collagen protein) and improving elasticity within your muscles and connective tissue around your joints to support flexibility.

More importantly, these 7 key superfood joint recovery nutrients support blood nutrient delivery into your muscles, bones, and joints, making them a powerhouse for supporting your recovery period.

For example, one of the most vital nutrients you need for recovery is collagen…

Now, most people will attempt to eat healthier by supplementing with organic plant-based collagen - think that cutting down on meat products would help. But there are no such things as plant-based collagen, like from algae.

The truth is, the only marine type of collagen that is effective is from fish scales and bones, crustaceans, and other sea creatures that are boiled down to make gelatin.

But the problem with this specific type of collagen is that it’s not suitable for people with fish and shellfish allergens. On top of that, there is a strong possibility that is can be contaminated with heavy metals and neurotoxins.

That is why it is important to take a high quality, well-tested, and scientifically-proven collagen blend.

I discovered these 7 specific nutrients while coaching NFL clients

When I was brought on to help the NFL players succeed through injury, and to speed up game and practice recovery, everything changed.

A few of the players that were brought in to work with me were either facing career ending injuries, or they wanted to improve their performance as their contract was up for renewal.

Some of these players were in their PRIME and facing forced early retirement. This brought me back to my own early retirement from my near-crippling injury I suffered during my pro athletic days.

I was sick and tired of amazing, talented athletes being forced into retirement well before their time.

I needed to DO something about it and FAST.

So I met with some of the top sports trainers and nutrition experts in the world and discovered a common pattern among joint related pain and injured athletes…

That they were all missing key joint superfood joint supporting nutrients! 

So I went back into my own research to find how to get these nutrients quickly, safely, and effectively with the effective doses on them.

And I needed it to be completely approved by the BSCG for professional and college sports.

I guess you could say I’ve become something
of a “recovery evangelist”..

When I pinpointed the 7 specific nutrients, I verified that they would be completely safe and not cause any harm or illegal side effects.

And I also discovered that when these specific 7 key nutrients were blended together, their joint supporting effects were exponentially greater. 

The 7 Key
Joint Recovery Nutrients

Here are the 7 nutrients I gave to all my Athletes that changed their recovery process and prevented early retirement.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides (broken down collagen) are small molecules made for better absorption. Fast digestion and rapid absorption can enhance skin, muscle and connective tissue regeneration. Resync has 15 grams of collagen peptides bundled with amino acids your body uses to form connective tissue found in your skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia

Red Spinach is the only standardized natural nitrate extract on the market. Red spinach contains high levels of vitamin E, and iron. Studies show it increases the amount of oxygen to the brain which serves to lower levels of fatigue and stress while improving blood flow

Aronia Berry (aka chokeberry) has demonstrated to be one nature's most powerful antioxidants. Berry fruit with the highest polyphenol compounds compare to blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, black currant, and raspberries. Polyphenols have the capacity to enhance N-O production

Red Beets provide a natural mean of nitrates and increase nitric oxide within the body. Beetroot displays potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that fight oxidative stress and significantly improves cognitive and endothelial functions

Hyaluronic acid acts as a cushion and lubricant for joints. It plays a significant role in skin moisture, skin repair and tissue regeneration as well as anti-inflammation

Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissue. It supports healthy immune function and is a powerful antioxidant. But, it also supports healthy skin and promotes healthy inflammatory markers† Vitamin C should be taken with collagen peptides to support natural collagen production.

Calcium Fructoborate supports joint health, joint flexibility and supports healthy inflammatory markers It adds more value to your daily health and vitality.

Now, these super joint nutrients are great, but getting the highest quality and eating the right amount of these everyday is a huge hassle. In fact...

I started small...It took me hours of shopping, prepping, juicing every single day to get the blend just right…and some nutrients were extremely hard to find in a bioavailable form.

I knew I could do better for the athletes I was helping….

I knew I could do better for you.

I wanted it to be easy. And I wanted it to work even faster and better than ever before while still tasting great.

So I began to scour the globe for the most potent sources of incredible joint-supporting and muscle-recovering ingredients needed.

I ended up investing thousands of dollars I even sold my apartment in Poland because I knew that I had to find the highest quality and best nutrient combinations.

It took me over a year of experimenting. Of searching. Of mixing. Of Taste testing.

And finally I arrived at a done-for-you blend that I ended up calling Resync Your Joints because…well because that’s exactly what it does…

Resync Your Joints
Our #1 Collagen & Nitric Oxide Recovery Formula 

Soothe and Protect Aching Joints*

Alleviate Pain And Tenderness*

Support Muscles And Athletic Performance*

Zero Risk Of Addiction Or Dependence

But That’s Not All
Resync Can Help You...

Recover Faster By Naturally
Encouraging Cartilage And Connective
Tissue Health
Caused By Intense
Training And Detrimental Effects Of Aging.*

Transform Your Body And Get A Lean Muscular Physique Faster By Supplying Your Body With A Daily Clinical Dose Of Vital Muscle Supporting And Fat Burning Nutrients

Maximize Blood Flow (Muscle Pump) And Nutrient Deliverability For Greater Strength, Speed, And Energy Levels.

Detox Away Fat Storing, Muscle Weakening And Joint Destroying Toxins That Sabotage Hard Work And Training Efforts - So You Can Finally Train Effectively And See The Fast Results You Truly Desire.



"I've been taking Resync every night and I  sleep like a baby... i feel rejuvenated each  and every day. When I go to practice, my body is refreshed. I don't think I've ever had a supplement  all natural and good like this where I can just wake up and feel like a brand new person."

Tony Jefferson
NFL Baltimore Ravens

“Resync helps my recovery... it’s a natural recovery... [and you don’t see] high ups and downs. It’s just a smooth recovery. You don’t even notice it but when your body’s doing all the work for you. The next day is when I feel it the most... I feel 100% once again.:

Brandon Car
NFL Baltimore Ravens

“What I like about Resync is the positive effects it has on recovery... the taste of this product is phenomenal...[it] is very refreshing and I love it. The physical effects I’ve had... had been very positive...I’ve noticed a huge difference.”

Neal Maclean
Triathlete & Resync Ambassador

“I really enjoyed Resync... This stuff has been incredible for my recovery. Highly recommended... I definitely recommended to other teammates.”

Jacob Billingsley
Minor League Houston Astros

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Hey Barba, I have severe chronic joint pains and even bending down to tie my shoelaces hurts my hips, back, and knees.  Now, I’ve been taking Resync Collagen for 2 weeks and felt much fewer pains and seen a major improvement with my body’s flexibility and range of motion.  Is it ok to take double the recommended serving amount so that I can see even faster results?
Is it ok to combine and mix this with my other supplements such as protein, or other recovery supplements?
I have chronic pains in my left elbow and my right knee from decades of playing tennis in my younger days. I currently don’t do much physical activity anymore except for when I walk my dogs… Would you still recommend Resync Nitric Oxide infused collagen if I'm not an athlete or training daily?
What if for some reason I don’t like the product?
I want to think about it for a day, could I still get this huge discount tomorrow.