Resync helps people live healthier lives

A patent-pending natural nitric oxide proprietary blend to support circulation, heart health, natural energy, and brain functionality.*

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A first-of-its-kind clinically researched natural nitric oxide + collagen blend for heart, joints, skin, hair, muscles, and gut health

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Resync formulas naturally support nitric oxide levels with unique antioxidants & anti-inflammatory ingredients in one scoop a day.

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Our Customers Agree

"I was blown away...the proof is in the package. Tastes good, mixes very easily... it gives us a lot of energy, but it wasn’t a stimulated energy, and you notice the difference..."

Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro

Vein Center and Medical Spa of the Palm Beaches

"It Works...Resync truly changed the way my body recovered. I consistently took it and it literally made a big difference in the way I was recovering. You feel's not a placebo effect in any shape or form. I really believe RESYNC was a really big part of making sure I recovered quickly...It wasn't a coincidence, it was obviously what I was putting into my body."


NBA Player

"I've been taking this supplement called Resync every night and I sleep like a baby. I feel so good when I wake up...I feel rejuvenated each and every day. When I go to practice, my body is body's just recovered. I don't think I've ever had a supplement all natural and good like this where I can just wake up and feel like a brand new person."


NFL Safety, Baltimore Ravens

"I've tried other products before but nothing like Resync. I feel amazing...I literally say to my spouse, I have so much pep in my step, I can’t believe it. He thinks I’m ridiculous but that’s honest[ly] how I feel. The taste is amazing and that's even better...I take it to every workout whether I'm hiking or in the gym."


Active Mother & Wife

"What I like about Resync is the positive effects it has on recovery...The taste of this product is phenomenal...[it] is very refreshing and I love it. The physical effects I've had...have been very positive...I've noticed a huge difference."


Triathlete, Customer, and Resync Ambassador

“I've spent more money than I want to admit on every vitamin, every supplement, every diet, every program and I almost lost hope...[but] I bought [some Resync and] I swear immediately it was like my body sucked it up as a sponge and the lights came on...Resync is my new best friend when it comes to supplementation. I cannot recommend it enough.”


Active Mother & Wife

"I'm more cognizant of...the goods things and bad things I put into my body and just any supplement...Resync helps my recovery...It's a natural recovery...[and you don't see] high ups and downs. It's just a smooth recovery. You don't even notice it but your body's doing all the work for you. The next day is when I feel it the most...I feel 100% once again."


NFL Cornerback, Baltimore Ravens

"I like to drink Resync after I’m done working out...this is something I could rely on and take consistently, and actually look forward to drinking it.”


Fitness Trainer

"I use this product called Resync. It’s essentially a recovery powder. I find that my sleep numbers are way better when I’m using it. I sleep so much better, I don't even know if I'm getting more hours, but the quality of sleep is better."

Sue Bird

WNBA Player

*Results may vary from customer to customer*

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