“I take RESYNC every night and sleep like a baby... I feel so good when I wake up. ”

- Tony Jefferson | NFL Safety

“I love all of the ingredients in RESYNC; no fillers and nothing extra ... ”

- Lisa Upledger | FIAMA

“The physical effects I've had...have been very positive... I've noticed a huge difference.

- Neal Maclean | Triathlete

Our Customers Agree

"I was blown away...the proof is in the package. Tastes good, mixes very easily... it gives us a lot of energy, but it wasn’t a stimulated energy, and you notice the difference..."

Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro

Vein Center and Medical Spa of the Palm Beaches

"It Works...Resync truly changed the way my body recovered. I consistently took it and it literally made a big difference in the way I was recovering. You feel results...it's not a placebo effect in any shape or form. I really believe RESYNC was a really big part of making sure I recovered quickly...It wasn't a coincidence, it was obviously what I was putting into my body."


NBA Player

"I've been taking this supplement called Resync every night and I sleep like a baby. I feel so good when I wake up...I feel rejuvenated each and every day. When I go to practice, my body is refreshed...my body's just recovered. I don't think I've ever had a supplement all natural and good like this where I can just wake up and feel like a brand new person."


NFL Safety

"I've tried other products before but nothing like Resync. I feel amazing...I literally say to my spouse, I have so much pep in my step, I can’t believe it. He thinks I’m ridiculous but that’s honest[ly] how I feel. The taste is amazing and that's even better...I take it to every workout whether I'm hiking or in the gym."


Active Mother & Wife

"What I like about Resync is the positive effects it has on recovery...The taste of this product is phenomenal...[it] is very refreshing and I love it. The physical effects I've had...have been very positive...I've noticed a huge difference."



“I've spent more money than I want to admit on every vitamin, every supplement, every diet, every program and I almost lost hope...[but] I bought [some Resync and] I swear immediately it was like my body sucked it up as a sponge and the lights came on...Resync is my new best friend when it comes to supplementation. I cannot recommend it enough.”


Active Mother & Wife

"I'm more cognizant of...the goods things and bad things I put into my body and just any supplement...Resync helps my recovery...It's a natural recovery...[and you don't see] high ups and downs. It's just a smooth recovery. You don't even notice it but your body's doing all the work for you. The next day is when I feel it the most...I feel 100% once again."


NFL Cornerback

"I like to drink Resync after I’m done working out...this is something I could rely on and take consistently, and actually look forward to drinking it.”


Fitness Trainer

"I use this product called Resync. It’s essentially a recovery powder. I find that my sleep numbers are way better when I’m using it. I sleep so much better, I don't even know if I'm getting more hours, but the quality of sleep is better."

Sue Bird

WNBA Player

*Results may vary from customer to customer. The experiences attested in these testimonials should not be expected by everyone.

Are you an athlete or trying to balance a work -life schedule?

Resync closes the gap between tired and ready to go!


Healthy Lifestyle


Resync your energy and get rid of muscle soreness. Stay consistent with your physical activities without the worries of aches and pains. Take your health, sleep, and performance to the next level.

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