Every Layer of Your Body eBook  


Science-Based Recipes For Better Sleep, Faster Recovery and Healthier Connective Tissues

  • Written by elite former NFL structural balance & flexibility coach. Co-Authored by a MPH, Registered Dietitian. 
  • Easy to follow steps on how to take science from the book to your plate.
  • Only recipe eBook based on research & science to support the recovery of every layer of your body. 

what's within the 221 Pages?

 The Dos & Don’ts to Keep
Your Mind - Body Connection
Healthy vs Inflammatory

Based on the most recent essential science, we share the critical nutrition tips, food shoplists, and recipes and address the emotional and physical (movement patterns) aspects to keep every layer of your body clean and healthy.

40 Unique Recipes 
to Change The Way You Feel,
Recover, & Sleep

Each recipe was handcrafted and extensively researched to address every layer of connective tissues - from your most superficial layer, skin, to your deepest bones. We face “sweet” inflammation on every level as sugar creates issues with connective tissues.

Shocking Facts & Bonus Information
You Don't Expect To Get
With A Recipe eBook

We address inaccurate myths that have been misguiding and causing injuries for years. You will finally understand, for example, what key amino acids and phytochemicals you need to recover and sleep better and to support different layers of your connective tissue. Is calcium truly that important for bone health? What key steps to take to increase the Bioavailability of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Less Injuries, Faster Recovery and Better Sleep
Recipes Include Below Options...

40 Science Based Recipes at your fingertips TO IMPROVE YOUR RECOVERY AND SLEEP!

Read It On All Your Favorite Devices

As a quick downloadable PDF file, you will find this PowerPoint formatted eBook easy to grasp, user friendly with clickable links, and presented in a colorful way for everyone to follow from the book to your plate and everyday routine.

Frequently Asked Question

"We must learn how to intentionally and nutritionally balance every layer of our body.
Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it.
Nothing in life that matters is depthless."

- Barbara Depta 


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