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About Resync



Since childhood, Resync Founder and CEO Barbara Depta has been an active athlete with a love of sports and competition. Becoming injured as a young gymnast made her listen to her body from early age and appreciate the value movement & nutrition have on the human body.


As a top performance and structural balance coach, she has worked with many professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA and LPGA, and UFC, where she examined the athlete's physical output and the recovery process as well. It became increasingly clear to Barbara that most athletes weren't doing all they could to recover efficiently and effectively, even at the elite level.


In addition, few were aware that their training and nutrition regimens were incomplete, thus impacting both their recovery and performance. Convinced that certain ingredients could fill this gap, Barbara worked with nutritionists, researchers, and scientists to bring her plan to life. The goal was to create a product for professional athletes and everyone interested in taking their health and recovery to the next level–a product to help people perform at their best and refuel their bodies while supporting energy and connective tissue recovery.


The key to the puzzle was nitric oxide, a critical molecule in our bodies that aids in increased blood flow. Barbara thought was if nitric oxide could be delivered on the cellular level through the vascular system, it could then help provide nutrients to the entire body to support energy, heart health, and brain functionality while supporting healthy inflammatory response due to exercise†


By combining red spinach, red beets, and Aronia berries, Barbara found the winning combination, and her Resync vegan nitric oxide booster recipe was born.


Later on, she knew she wanted to bring additional value to the connective tissue system - the entire musculoskeletal system, something that could support every layer of the body. And that is when Resync Collagen was created. Most recently, in 2021 the first vegan multi-functional ready-to-drink beverage was born.


Barbara's mission is to help people live healthier lives.