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What You Need To Support Your Skin & Strengthen Every Layer of Your Body

Nutrition For Skin Health freeshipping - Resync
Nutrition For Skin Health freeshipping - Resync

Nutrition For Skin Health


About this class

This course provides evidence-based nutrition recommendations and vital nutritional factors that support the relationship between the structure, function, appearance, and the health of skin.

You will learn the essential effects of nutrition on skin health, the skin-gut axis and its affects on skin health, and nutrition caused skin issues that can be avoided. Also, evidence based data on how to reduce pain, accelerate recovery, and promote optimal skin health. 

Get the nutrient essentials, building blocks, and regulators for glowing resilient skin. Each nutrient has its own dose, sources, and reasons for consumption when supporting the condition and health of the skin.


• Registered Dietitians

• Chiropractors

• Physical Therapists

• Strength & Conditioning Coaches

• Athletes

• Functional Medicine Doctors

• Parents who want to learn more on how to address their family's nutritional needs 


Online Educational Course


Downloadable PDFs


Barbara Depta

Barbara Depta, founder and CEO of Resync, is an elite performance and structural balance coach who has spent more than a decade working with pro athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NBA to PGA and LPGA to help them recover effectively and prevent injuries. She studied physical education at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow and health sciences at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Barbara became a performance coach, focusing on fascia health, pliability, nutrition, and structural balance. She is a strong proponent that performing your best requires the integrated, sustained, and heightened function of every system in the body. 

Detrick Snyder, MPH, RD

Detrick Snyder is a Denver-based dietitian, writer, and consultant who loves analyzing solutions and developing evidence-based content to support health and nutrition companies on a mission for better health. Detrick brings expertise in clinical research, public health practice, and the culinary arts to provide the most actionable, impactful recommendations to any client he works with.