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I Want to Share with You My ENTIRE Routine to Recover and Restore the Health of Your Joints and Other Connective Tissues—in Just 5 to 10 Minutes a Day 

(This is the Same Routine I Used During My Years as a Movement Coach with one for the best NFL teams and Other Pro Athletes).

“Barbara Depta has worked with and advised some of the best athletes in the world.” 

If you want to stimulate collagen production in the body … and strengthen the underlying connective tissues, such as the joints, tendons, etc. … then consider this:

Did you know that most of the exercises on YouTube and across the net focus on the muscles, but not the joints, tendons, and other connective tissues?

That’s why I’m offering this unique sequence designed to regenerate the connective tissues throughout your entire body.

Previously revealed only to pro athletes … this fun, simple sequence of key moves will… 

  • Enhance your circulation (Science shows improved blood flow is the key to protecting and rejuvenating your connective tissues)
  • Protect your connective tissues from injury during your next workout
  • Stimulate collagen production in the body and improve the health of your fascia
  • Instantly calm your nervous system (so you’re not “wound up” and can relax normally)
  • Stimulate and relax your body kinesthetically—improving the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Strengthen your connective tissues with ease (instead of heavy, exhausting exercises targeting the muscles)
  • Feel an inner energy flow, readying you for any challenge that comes your way throughout the day
  • Melt away tension, and turn tenderness into relaxation in just 5 to 10 minutes
  • Hydrate your hip flexors and lower back while gaining a new sense of calm stability and connectedness
  • Quickly release tension that contributes to connective tissue damage
  • Fix your posture, and much more!

This is a smart, safe sequence based on playful, multidimensional strengthening and lengthening sequences.

The focus will be on the superficial fascia (the connective tissues that connect your skin to the muscle or bone) …

…maintaining its pliability … supporting its hydration and fluid flow within … and keeping the connective tissue system healthy with minimum muscular effort.

The routine will increase glide between different layers of your connective tissues and eliminate tension—while stimulating collagen production with varying loading patterns along the entire front and back of the body. 


Total Collagen Fix

The perfect fix for those experiencing…

  • Hamstring tightness
  • Lower back pain or tightness
  • Plantar fascia issues
  • Foot pain
  • Weakness in the glutes
  • Hip flexor immobility
  • Lack of energy
  • Chronic injuries or joint discomfort


ONLY $14.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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The focus will be on areas we store stress—especially the lumbar and thoracic spine (lack of glide in those areas contributes to postural deterioration and less collagen stimulation).

You will progress through gentle mobilization and stabilization of the hip joints and muscles along the entire spine.

You will lengthen the psoas (hip flexor) and stabilize the hip extensors—melting tightness in the flexors while strengthening the hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

You’ll also dynamically lengthen your back muscles while stabilizing your pelvic floor and deep core.

All moves are perfectly safe, and performed lying down in comfortable positions. Adapted to all levels of skill and ability.

Bulletproof your connective tissues with pro movement coach, Barbara Depta! 

In the past just one 45-minute mobility session with me would cost $250.

A physical therapist charges an average of $100, according to ThumbTack (and that’s just for one session).

But I’m not going to charge you anything close to that.

I want to share Total Collagen Fix with as many people as possible, so they can…

• Bulletproof their connective tissues
• Stimulate more collagen in their bodies
• Recover more quickly after their workouts and long days
• Improve their quality of life

So, I’m offering Total Collagen Fix for just $14.99.


ONLY $14.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

On the following page, you’ll securely enter your payment information and receive immediate access to this digital download.

Here's What Recent Buyers Say!


Breanna R

“I had experienced pain in the SI joint for a long time. It disappeared after few times of performing Barbara’s sequence.“


Ray N

“I am a runner and my feet usually hurt after my training. I performed all the exercises, and I couldn’t believe how my feet felt better once I released by lower back…I really like the balls, they are not too soft and not too hard.”


Beth R

“Honestly I could not believe the quality of unique information for 14.99 – worth much more!!!”

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limited time in November


Order Risk-Free

Quality Information Guarantee!

If you order Total Collagen Fix and you’re dissatisfied after performing the routine for at least 1 week… just let me know and you’ll receive every penny back.

In fact, if you don’t instantly start feeling more relief in your joints … greater flexibility … improved posture … renewed self-confidence and energy … and total-body relaxation … I insist you contact me for a full refund.

So, there’s no risk at all. 

You must hurry. Studies show that when you hit age 25, your natural collagen levels begin to decline. That's why I pay attention to my routines and want to share them with you!

The right selection and sequence of moves is essential to help prevent further loss.

Order Total Collagen Fix now!


ONLY $14.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

On the following page, you’ll securely enter your payment information and receive immediate access to this digital download. 

Wait! Special One-Time Offer 


Total Collagen Fix Bundle 

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Total Collagen Fix Bundle 

Learn all the key movements for optimal connective tissue health. Reduce joint discomfort, strengthen your tendons and ligaments, tighten your skin, and reenergize your entire body.

Veteran movement coach for pro athletes, Barbara Depta, guides you through these collagen exercises proven to restore achy joints and promote collagen production in the body (for all skill levels).

Support your collagen inside and out with the Ultimate Collagen Bundle. The right approach to preserve and promote healthy levels of collagen in the body is a multidimensional approach:

the right movements … the right nutrients … the right supplementation.

With the Total Collagen Fix Bundle, you have everything you need to support healthy collagen levels in the body.

What's Included:

  • Total Collagen Fix
    ($250 VALUE)
  • Myofascial Release Balls
    ($19.99 VALUE)
  • Recover Every Layer of Your Body eBook
    ($59.99 VALUE)
  • Resync Premium
    Collagen Peptides
    ($69.99 VALUE)

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But Wait! There Is More! 

You’ll Also Get Instant Access To These…


When You Claim Your
Total Collagen Fix Bundle Today! 

#1 BONUS: Exclusive Joint and Full Body Recovery 

Regular: $19.99

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The Best Strategies To Resync Your Performance And Recovery

Tips to Support Your Body's Natural Production of Collagen & Energy

Recover Effectively: How To Optimize Sports Recovery & Prevent Injuries With Collagen

The Supplements That Actually  Work To Maintain Your Metabolism  & Support Your Performance


Regular: $49.99

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45 Min - Full Body Recovery & Core Stability Routine

Routine Can Be Applied By Anyone Not Just NFL Athletes

Recover Your Muscles and Connective Tissues From Head to Toe. Melt Away Tension Post-Workout, Game, or After a Long Day, and Turn Tenderness Into Relaxation 

Multidimensional Recovery Routine, Lengthening Your Body From Different Angles 

#3 BONUS: Instant Exclusive Joint and Full Body Recovery 

Regular: $19.99

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Collagen 101: The Ultimate Guide To Improve Skincare, Joint Health & Energy

How To Pay Attention to Your Joints So You Avoid Major Consequences!

4 Key Ingredients  to Support Your Body’s Natural Production of Collagen

What  Vitamins Actually Work To Keep Your Skin Looking Young That Are Useful To Different Layers of Your Body

A total value of $489.95

ALL FOR JUST $119.96

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Want to Learn More About The Individual Items?


40 Science-Based Recipes for Better Sleep,
Faster Recovery, and Healthier Connective Tissues.

To promote healthy collagen production in the body, you need not only healthy movement—but also the right nutrients…

…so you’re recovering every layer of your body from the outside and the inside. 

Here are 40 simple and delicious recipes specifically formulated to support your connective tissue health, including:

  • Greedy Nutrient Recovery Salad
  • Savory Anti-Inflammatory Jello
  • Calm Clarity Tea
  • Zucchini Pesto 
  • And many more...

PLUS, throughout this 250+ page, information-packed recipe eBook, you’ll also learn more…

  • How to train your connective tissues to be more resilient, whether you’re a hardcore athlete or you haven’t worked out a day in your life – page 15 
  • The 3 key movements for optimal connective tissue health – page 16
  • How to know whether you’re living in a healthy or inflammatory state (hint: the answer lies in your “mind-body connection”) – page 11
  • The number one neurological and metabolic toxin you’re putting into your body on a daily basis – page 19
  • Simple ways to wake up feeling refreshed (even if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months) – page 25
  • How to avoid the 3 most common injuries (especially for those 40 and over) – page 28
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Model (including the top nutrients to bulletproof your connective tissues) – page 32
  • The best micronutrients to enhance your metabolism – page 37
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing the right supplements (here’s a quick way to avoid useless supplements that waste money) – page 43
  • The power of natural nitrates—and how the right ones can speed up post-workout recovery – page 44
  • Protein 101. Choose just the right combination of amino acids to build your muscle, recover tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues – page 61
  • Whey protein—good or bad for your connective tissues (the answer may surprise you) – page 61
  • The benefits of red plants vs. green plants (and why nutritional variety is key to fighting inflammation in the body) – page 104
  • How to improve performance … decrease recovery time … decrease the risk of connective tissue injuries … and support muscle and tendon growth – page 111
  • Healthy, delicious snacks to boost the health of your connective tissues (and keep your blood sugar balanced) – page 121
  • One of the most powerful antioxidant hormones necessary for effective sleep and recovery (and the exact amino acid combination you need for your body to produce it) – page 161
  • And much more!

Resync Premium Collagen Peptides


  • 16 grams of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (Type I, II & III) Per Serving
  • Clinically Researched & 3rd Party Tested (BSCG Banned Substance Free) 
  • Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend to Support:
    • Oxygenation
    • Blood Flow
    • Natural Energy
    • Nutrient Delivery
    • Promote Restful Sleep & Recovery†
  • Boswellia Serrata - Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient to Support The Health of Your Joints, Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments† 
  • Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid to Lubricate Your Skin and Connective Tissues †
  • Elderberry to Support Immune System Health 

MyoFascial Release Balls 


Beyond Stretch, myofascial balls are perfect for training and releasing tightness and deep tissues. There are no other balls on the market with the pliability that allow you to stand on them without deep discomfort.


One Beyond Stretch myofascial ball holds up to 250lbs.


Beyond Stretch, myofascial balls were designed explicitly with bumpy nubs for better contact with the skin and improved results targeting deeper layers of the body.


Beyond Stretch, myofascial balls were explicitly designed to have half of the surface smooth for better balance. 


You Entire Order and Your Joints Are Fully Covered By Our 100%  Money Back Guarantee Try Risk-Free For 30-Days

With your 30-Day guarantee, you’re risking absolutely nothing, All the risk is on me, and all the protection is for your investment and your joints.

And if you don’t see or feel the results that you demand, just like my NFL and other professional athletes did.

I’ll give you every single penny back Guarantee!

**Only for physical products (myofascial balls & collagen supplement)**


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