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Get The Best Collagen for Your Skin, Nails, and Joints!

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Get The Best Collagen for Your Skin, Nails, and Joints!


If you’ve been hearing all the buzz about collagen supplements and want to find the best collagen on the market, then read on.


Sagging skin … wrinkles … achy joints. Getting older is no picnic! We’ve all heard the expression, “So-and-so is falling apart.” Well, without enough collagen, your body is literally falling apart.


Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body—found primarily in the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin. Collagen is the connective material holding your body together.


Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a cruel stepmother—taking away your body’s natural production of collagen as you get older. Once you hit your mid-20s especially, your collagen production is declining gradually though dramatically.


You may even find your workouts are making you sorer than ever. That’s because the tissues  in your body are losing their elasticity and hydration. You’re even more susceptible to injury.


Thankfully, supplementing with the right collagen can help increase your body’s collagen levels. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides are an especially helpful form, being absorbed more easily by your body.


Just some of the benefits of good quality hydrolyzed collagen peptides include…

  • Restoring hydration to the skin
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthening the bones
  • Reducing joint discomfort
  • And even reducing muscle loss as you age.

Collagen supplements can work wonders—but that comes with a caveat: most hydrolyzed collagen supplements are ineffective or less effective than they could be, due to a variety of factors…


First of all, most collagen supplements just don’t have enough collagen in them to be effective.


Studies suggest you need at least 10 grams of collagen to see the full benefit. Unfortunately, as you can see in the comparison chart below, few collagen supplements provide enough collagen per dose. You need a collagen supplement with at least 10 grams of collagen—and ideally more.



The second reason most of these collagen supplements are ineffective or less effective is that, despite what many collagen companies say, collagen production doesn’t happen simply from consuming collagen. You need more.


For collagen production, you also need the right synergistic ingredients. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C are essential.


This study, for instance, associates impaired collagen synthesis with Vitamin C deficiency.


But many collagen products have little or no Vitamin C (or any other antioxidants for that matter). And you need the full, 100% DV, not just 20% or even 50% you need the full DV; this what the best collagen supplements have.


Third, most hydrolyzed collagen peptides lack the nitric oxide precursors critical for cardiovascular health and blood flow.

Just like with collagen production, as we age, our levels of nitric oxide decrease—making it harder for nutrients and oxygen to reach the connective tissues.


Take another look at the comparison chart above, and you’ll notice most of these collagen supplements lack nitric oxide precursors.


The best collagen supplement contains not only the right amount of hydrolyzed collagen peptides but also the correct level of antioxidants, as well as those natural nitric oxide precursors you need for optimal cardiovascular health.


And last, but definitely not least, you want to make sure, what’s on the label is actually in the bottle of your collagen product.


How do you check? The product must go through proven 3rd party testing. There are only a few companies in the US that actually certify supplement products, and Resync Collagen Blend was tested by one of them, BSCG – the gold standard in dietary supplement testing.


To check if your collagen delivers real results, you must ask the right questions before you buy it.


Check this blog below to make sure you invest your money effectively, not wasting it. Does Your Collagen Deliver Results?


Try Resync Collagen Blend for a collagen supplement that checks all the boxes.

Resync premium collagen peptides 


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