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How to Have a Healthy Runner's Body - Must-Read Tips

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How to Have a Healthy Runner's Body - Must-Read Tips


How to Have a Healthy Runner’s Body – Must-Read Tips

If you want a healthy runner’s body that’s extraordinarily agile and stable (even into your 50s and beyond) … then you’re going to want to read every word of this article.

Whether you run competitively or simply for the health benefits—and whether you’re long-distance running or doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sprints— you know staying agile and stable as you age is a key.

These are the same tips I taught as a performance and structural balance coach to top pro athletes from the NFL who have to run like crazy.

There’s no denying the benefits of running: cardiovascular support, reduced blood pressure, balanced blood sugar, and all kinds of anti-aging benefits. Not to mention, running just feels great, doesn’t it?...

Except when running takes a toll on your joints.

True, studies are increasingly showing that running probably does not increase your risk of osteoarthritis, and may even reduce it.

Still, let’s face it: we’ve all experienced the aches, pains, and soreness associated with running at some point in our life, both in our joints or in our muscles and rest of the connective tissue around the joints (take a look at this really cool calf stretch that saved me after a 13-mile run practically annihilated my calves).

Yes, stretching and mobility drills are a must to protect the joints and improve tissue quality from the outside. However, I am not sure if you heard me saying this, but “form always follows function” – make sure that your technique is correct when it comes to your running and mobility, and flexibility drills as well. I have seen the best athletes stretching incorrectly, and it affected their structural balance and eventually performance on the field.

However, to have that healthy runner’s body…


You also need to support your musculoskeletal system from the inside.

That is crucial!

And that depends on a sensory organ most runners aren’t even paying attention to (and may have never even heard of)…

…your fascia.

Fascia—from the Latin word for “bundle” or “band”—is the connective tissue that supports and surrounds your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and essentially your entire body. It intelligently connects your body from the ground all the way up to your head.

70% of your fascia consists of collagen. The more collagen-rich your fascia is, the more tensile strength it has. That means your body will be more stable, decreasing your risk of injury and improving your performance.

But collagen declines with repetitive movements. Age and arthritis are two other primary culprits that break down your body’s collagen as well. And of course, your diet plays an enormous role here.

Thankfully, as I talk about in a recent blog post, there are ways to naturally increase your collagen production.

This study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows an increase in collagen production from the consumption of gelatin (a consumable form of collagen) and the antioxidant vitamin C one hour before a workout.

Those who took 15 grams of collagen together with vitamin C showed a 100% increase in collagen production over both the placebo group and those who had taken a lower amount of collagen.

So my “natural prescription” for you is this: in addition to stretching and mobility drills, as well as solid technique, make sure to consume an adequate amount of quality collagen peptides together with at least daily value of vitamin C (90mg) an hour before your run or workout.

This is a dual approach, working from both the outside and inside your body to effectively “bulletproof” your musculoskeletal system. This approach will help build up your fascia, ligaments, and tendons … improve your agility and stability … and help give you that healthy runner’s body you need to keep going strong and for as long as you desire.

You may even find some surprising, additional benefits—such as reducing the appearance of fine lines on your forehead, wrinkles around your eyes, and stretch marks!

How come? - your skin is 90% made of collagen my friend.

But beware: not all collagen supplements are made equal. The study above showed you need to consume at least 15 grams of collagen. Many collagen supplements simply don’t have enough collagen, or the right type of collagen to support your connective tissue health (you need type I & III for that purpose) and for any physiological changes to take place. In that study, taking less than 15 grams of collagen worked no better than a placebo at increasing collagen production.

The study also showed you need to take vitamin C with the collagen. In fact, you need the full, 100% DV of vitamin C as I mentioned above. The collagen also needs to be highly bioavailable—meaning it must be easily absorbable by the body. That is why you want to consume a hydrolyzed form of collagen peptides.

Resync Collagen Blend is the product, I created while traveling with the NFL team to support the athletes' recovery and connective tissue health… consisting of 15 grams of hydrolyzed collagen peptides (a highly absorbable form), together with the full, 100% DV of vitamin C.

But that’s not the only antioxidant you’ll get with this formula. This proprietary collagen blend is made of red spinach, beets, Aronia berries, and other rich antioxidant sources—synergistically bolstering the power of the collagen and vitamin C.

The Resync collagen formula also contains hyaluronic acid—an important component of articular joints that promotes connective tissue lubrication. You’ll also be benefitting from natural nitric oxide precursors, stimulating healthy blood flow, and faster recovery (just what you need after a long run or a heart-pounding HIIT session).

There’s nothing else like it on the market. That’s why it’s consumed by the top elite professional athletes and runners around the US. They trust the quality—but most importantly, they feel and see the difference in the way they perform and recover.

Now, you can do the same for your entire connective tissue – musculoskeletal system.


Shop Resync Premium Collagen Peptides today & get free shipping with a purchase of 2 or more tubs.




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