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Resync Your Gut

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Resync Your Gut


Looking for a supplement that targets inflammation and facilitates regeneration at multiple levels of physiology with intentional, standardized, and certified natural ingredients? Resync offers products crafted with unique attention to detail that fill a gap in the supplement market.  Our core values center around safety, trustworthiness, honesty, consistency, and we strive to inform our customers with the clinical science behind our products. 

Resync Recovery and Resync Collagen Blend

RESYNC RECOVERY is a science-based, natural nitrate blend of red spinach extract, red beets & aronia berry extract that provides a clean energy boost and promotes faster recovery. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, multi-system benefits of these natural nitric oxide superfoods are enhanced and complemented by ginger and turmeric extracts plus mango, hyaluronic acid & prebiotic inulin. You get all the functional benefits of these synergistic natural nitric oxide superfoods in whole plant extracts standardized and certified so you can be certain of the benefits.

RESYNC COLLAGEN is a source of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and natural nitric oxide precursors combined with calcium fructoborate, hyaluronic acid, and a daily value of the antioxidant vitamin C to maximize collagen biosynthesis. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body yet it is the least consumed protein in Western diets.  Collagen is essential for the health and vitality of joints, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, hair and nails, and the gastrointestinal system. 

How Can Resync Products Figure Into A Gut Health Treatment Plan?

You have heard about the gut-brain axis, but have you ever considered the gut-heart axis? When you consider how metabolism and heart health are related, it only makes sense that for a healthy gut, you need a healthy cardiovascular system; for a healthy heart, you need a healthy GI system. This is especially pertinent for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, the diagnosis of which is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease even without the typical risk factors.1 Whether it’s IBD, IBS, intestinal permeability (aka. leaky gut), gut dysbiosis, or another GI issue, we cover the rationale for using Resync products as an adjuvant for optimizing you and your patients’ health. 

Collagen and Leaky Gut

Gut permeability (aka. “leaky gut”) is associated with a number of auto-immune and inflammatory conditions.2 Whether or not it plays a causal role in the pathogenesis of diseases of the GI tract, the symptoms can be severe, and natural treatment options一at each layer from the mucous membrane to the basement membrane and the immune regulation of inflammation in between一are emerging in the scientific literature and exploding in the popular sphere.3

Collagen is one such hot-button item in the public conscience. Thousands of “N of 1” case reports attribute the resolution of IBS, auto-immunity, and other inflammatory GI conditions to the use of a collagen supplement, and evidence is starting to emerge in support of this tactic. The rationale is as follows:

  1. Collagen makes up a good portion of the basement membrane (the outer membrane of all epithelial cells) which helps determine how permeable these tissues are一especially the gut and blood vessels. Disconnected tight-junctions between enterocytes is the primary cause of intestinal impermeability.4
  2. There is ample clinical evidence to suggest that regular collagen ingestion contributes to increased collagen integrity in connective tissues (joints, bones, skin, muscles, blood vessels, and smooth muscle tissue are the ones that come to mind).
  3. Thus, consuming a collagen supplement一especially a collagen hydrolysate optimized for digestion and distribution and combined with other GI-protective ingredients一may directly lead to resolution of tight-junction permeability and associated inflammatory symptoms.

As you can see, there is no magical thinking here. Mechanistically, the links are supported by sound science. Additionally, our collagen is 12.4% glutamate, which you know is the preferred fuel source for enterocytes, and 20.6% glycine, which is a major component of the ATP-donating creatine and crucial for making the detoxifying endogenous master antioxidant, glutathione. Furthermore, when you consider how infrequently humans eat connective tissue in modern diets, it becomes clear that collagen should be a go-to supplement to stock on your shelf.

The Importance Of Third-Party Certification

But we are not just making the case for any old collagen supplement.  As a clinician, foremost among your concerns should be quality and consistency.  Our products have the highest-level supplement certifications on the market: NSF Certified for Sport which tests for consistency between batches, presence of contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and mold among other things, and Banned Substance Control Group certification which tests for substances banned among lite-level athletes.

What Makes Resync Products An Exceptional Choice For GI Support?

In addition, our collagen blend has what no other collagen supplement does: the natural inorganic nitrates and supportive ingredients that enhance blood flow to the tissues that need those building blocks and anti-inflammatory nutrients most. We will cover the unique ingredients in Resync Your Joints - Collagen Blend and Resync Recovery that position our products at the forefront of scientific innovation.

Nitric Oxide Precursors: Red Beet Root, Red Spinach Extract, Aronia Berry Extract

Nitric Oxide has been a hot topic in supplements recently, and for good reason.  They can increase tolerance to exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease5 as well as athletes, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation.  Beets have probiotic effects and their principal component, betalains, have anti-inflammatory effects.6 Red spinach (amaranth) extract is the most concentrated source of inorganic nitrates known and retains most of the beneficial phytonutrients that red spinach contains.  Besides the multifactorial positive effects that theses nitrate sources have, we would like to highlight the potent aronia berry extract in our blends. Aronia berry has some of the most powerful antioxidant capacity of any natural food, it is a dense source of phenolic compounds with an extremely high content of anti-inflammatory anthocyanins that support vascular health, a rich source of vitamin C and nitrates, and even positively regulates the gut microbiome.7 Emerging pre-clinical evidence suggests that aronia may protect against hepatic fibrosis,8 has positive cardiometabolic effects,9 may repair ethanol-induced ulceration of the gut lining,10 and effectively ameliorates inflammation in an IBD mouse model.11  Beyond this, the flavonoids and carotenoids may induce IL-17 and IL-22 to restore gut function in the setting of heightened permeability.12 

Other Ingredients In Resync Blends Support Gut Health Too!

Turmeric and ginger have been used to alleviate GI symptoms in traditional medicine for millennia. Recent science has validated these uses, with both noted for their effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antifungal activities.13 The problem with most turmeric supplements is their abysmal absorption, however we use a bioavailability-optimized formulation with clinical evidence for its efficacy. 

Hyaluronan (aka. hyaluronic acid) is most well known for its joint-lubricating effects, however initial scientific interest was piqued when researchers noted how well it aids wound recovery.  Hyaluronan is present in the extracellular milieu and provides key signals for wound healing. It shows radioprotective effects in the intestines of animals14 and fundamentally regulates normal intestinal and colonic growth in mice by facilitating villi height and crypt depth.15

Calcium fructoborate is a conjugation of calcium and boron. Boron accelerates wound healing,16 fosters the growth of specific beneficial bacteria in the gut,17 and enhances the absorption of magnesium, among other nutrients.18 Boron and calcium facilitate the activity of vitamin D, which is critical for immune regulation of inflammation and resolution.

The standardized mango fruit in our Resync Recovery induces the expression of SIRT-1 in preclinical models.19 SIRT-1 is a master regulator of autophagy and cell proliferation that also plays a role in orchestrating the anti-inflammatory effects of the microbiome.20 

Lastly, you know about the gut microbiome enhancing effects of prebiotics.  Inulin is one such prebiotic21 in Resync Recovery which provides the substrate for healthy bacteria to respond appropriately to the flora-enhancing ingredients we have been discussing.

Gut Health Is Just The Beginning

But don’t forget, in addition to their positive effects on gut health, the ingredients used in Resync have substantial clinical evidence to support their efficacy for athletic performance (improved exercise tolerance, improved performance, enhanced recovery), musculoskeletal and connective tissue health (improved body composition, increased collagen synthesis), cardiovascular health (lowered blood pressure, improved circulation), and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

Check out our website at ResyncProducts.com and get in touch with us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, twitter) if you would like to learn more about how our current and upcoming products can support the health of you and your patients!


What Can Resync Do For Gut Health?

Resync Collagen

Resync Recovery

Role in Gut Health

Red Spinach Extract

Oxalate-free natural nitric oxide precursor that supports cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation, oxygen delivery, and improves exercise tolerance

Red Beets

Natural nitrates support cardiovascular health; prebiotic fiber; betalains are anti-inflammatory and may protect against diverticular diseases

Aronia Berry Extract

Natural nitrates support cardiovascular health; powerful antioxidant; supports healthy microbiome and gut integrity

Hyaluronic Acid

Supports healing of damaged tissue; promotes healthy colonic, villi, and crypt growth & development

Ascorbic Acid

Antioxidant; supports collagen synthesis

Calcium Fructoborate


Aids wound healing; Mg absorption; may function in microbiome health; anti-inflammatory ( ↓TNF-α & ↓hs-CRP)

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

May play a role in reducing inflammation caused by gut permeability; hydrolyzed peptides are better absorbed and may cause less GI distress than other collagen/gelatin supplements; contains high levels of amino acids that support enterocyte health, creatine synthesis, and glutathione-mediated detoxification

Turmeric Root Extract

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, traditional use in alleviating GI discomfort

Ginger Root Extract

Antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal; traditional use in alleviating GI discomfort

Mango Fruit

SIRT-1 activator; supports healthy gut microbiome


Prebiotic & anti-inflammatory

Natural flavors, Stevia & Monk Fruit Extracts

Safe, calorie-free and delicious

All our products are NSF Sport Certified and BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group Certified) so you know every batch meets the most rigorous standards for transparency, consistency, and quality.

*The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease.  Please use your clinical judgement in assessing the utility of these products for patient populations.




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Written by registered dietitian, Detrick Snyder, MPH, RDN. Updated 09/22/2020


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