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Why should you pay attention to eating vegetables high in natural nitrates?

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Why should you pay attention to eating vegetables high in natural nitrates?
You may have heard that beets are good for your nitric oxide production. I want to share with you many more vegetables, which can support the production of that powerful signaling molecule in your body. But first, let’s focus on natural nitrates and their contribution to nitric oxide in your body. 
Even for the top experts in the field of nitric oxide, it can be challenging to explain what nitric oxide actually does, as it is involved in so many processes simultaneously and it supports your body in many ways.  
As one of the experts, Andy Jones, states himself “life would not exist without it!
You already know how important many other fuels are in your life, make sure nitric oxide is on your list. Here are just some examples Andy Jones shared with me during our interview:   
  1. Nitric oxide supports regulation of blood flow 
  1. It supports regulation of vasodilation and resistance in your blood stream 
  1. If you want to get blood to your connective tissues, then you need to be able to control the amount of oxygen that flows there and nitric oxide is very important in that respect
  1. It plays a significant role in skeletal muscle function
  1. Works in the mitochondria and influences energy production in the muscle.  
  1. It has effects on the contractile apparatus within muscles to enable the muscle to contract - as Andy Jones emphasizes: it's very important, therefore, for both the delivery of nutrients to muscle and the utilization of those nutrients within muscle 
  1. It plays a role in the regulation of glucose and calcium balance in our body
  1. It is involved with neurotransmission itself
Regardless of whether or not you are a beet lover or hater, the good news is there are many more veggies which can help you support your nitric oxide production. You do not need to settle just for beets.

Those vegetables can increase the bioavailability of nitric oxide in your body. And as we already know, diet becomes more important to us as we get older. And because of that we become smarter about the choices we make as we realize that what we consume truly affects our health and energy. 

I will always continue to encourage you to eat more of those vegetables, but if you are not going to do it because of different life restrictions, and you find it difficult to accommodate cooking and preparing those specific ingredients in your diet, then maybe another smart choice is clean supplementation? 

That is definitely something that could help you save time and money. On top of that, there are other benefits you should know about when consuming supplements based on natural ingredients that were tested before and after production by a 3rd party company. For one, you actually know that with each sip, you get exactly the same consistent amount of each of the vegetables per serving. 


Generally, not only do different vegetables have different amounts of nitrate in them based on their origin, time of growth, and other growing conditions, but their nitrate content also depends on how long they were on the shelf and how you prepare them.

Now oyu know, vegetables can support your nitric oxide production and daily vitality! And lastly don’t forget, clean supplements based on natural nitrates like the ones in Resync products can absolutely help you save money, preparation time, and stay on top of your daily vitality.

Besides all the benefits of nitric oxide we mentioned already, there are other benefits way beyond the purely physical ones. I'll be sure to address those in our next post!

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