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Protect & rejuvenate joints
and soft tissues

Recover energy faster from exercise and strenuous activities

Reduce inflammation
and improve mobility

Resync products are based on a  proprietary blend of Reds  of red vegetables and fruits (red spinach, beets and Aronia berries) to support blood flow and oxygen to cells.

Resync is packed with healthy plant-based nitrates, polyphenols, and synergistic anti-inflammatory properties so you can recover your energy faster from exercise, with less inflammation, and lower risk of soft tissue injuries.

Resync is clinically tested and NSF Sport Certified.

Tart Reds & Collagen Peptides

This bundle includes:

  • 30 Servings of Tart Reds 100% Organic Instant Smoothie
    (Learn More Below)
  • 20 Serving Pouch of Resync Collagen Peptides
    (Learn More Below)
  • Excluse Access To Recover Every Layer of Your Body nutritional eBook
    (Learn More Below)

Eat More 100% Organic Plants, The Easy Way


Get your daily dose of fruits & veggies, fast.

Made with real ingredients, unique reds, and superfoods!

Nutritious, delicious red smoothies that make healthy habits easy.

Bold and piquant, the recovery-enhancing Tart Reds 100% Instant Smoothie delivers a blend of red superfoods as rich in antioxidants as they are in flavor.

With essential vitamins and minerals, unique polyphenol antioxidants, aronia berry fiber, and 500 mg of ginger, this petite pouch hits hard against muscle soreness and fatigue from exercise — it’s great with any protein.

Whether you're an athlete looking to optimize your recovery or simply want a convenient and tasty way to boost your overall health, the Tart Reds 100% Instant Smoothie is the perfect choice.

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East To Mix

Mix with 8oz of chilled water or milk of choice.

Shake & Enjoy!


Add to your favorite protein powder or smoothie!

 Made With 100% Organic Ingredients

No Refined Sugars
or Added Sugar

No Artificial

EU Certified Organic 

1/2 The Daily Value of Fruits & Veggies

5G of Fiber
From Fruits & Veggies

Saves Time &
Reduces Waste

Easy To Mix With
Water, Milk or Protein

Made With
100% Organic Ingredients

No Refined Sugars or Added Sugar

No Artificial

 EU Certified

1/2 The Daily Value of
Fruits & Veggies

5G of Fiber
In Every Pouch 

Easy To Mix With
Water, Milk or Protein

Saves Time &
Reduces Waste



Support Healthy Circulation & Strength of Every Layer of Your Body.

Every layer of your body, between the skin and bones, needs collagen protein to stay strong, pliable, and healthy.

However, you need more than plain collagen protein to keep those layers healthy.

That's why Resync's Collagen blend contains Recovery Reds (red spinach, beets, Aronia berries) with additional vitamins, and minerals to support your collagen health.

Resync is the first collagen supplement to combine the power of collagen & nitric oxide supporting ingredients to optimally support connective tissue health. 

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The Importance of Third-Party Certification 

Resync Supplements Are NSF Certified Sport & Guaranteed Banned Substance Free

Resync is trusted by professional & Olympic athletes worldwide. Under the NSF Certified for Sport® program, every product lot is tested for and guaranteed to be free of over 270+ banned substances, and there are no unsafe levels of contaminants.

Ensure that your supplement is standardized, certified, and delivers what it says it does. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced, tested before and post production to ensure quality, safety in every serving. What's on the label matches whats in the product.


Recover Every Layer of Your Body eBook

A science-based eBook with 40 recipes focusing on better sleep, faster recovery and healthier connective tissues to help you feel & perform your best.

How you feel and fuel your body affects how you perform, sleep, and recover.

Written by a former structural balance and flexibility coach to professional athletes and Registered Dietitian, Resync's goal is to improve the lives of those who want to stay on top of their everyday vitality and take their performance to the next level.

"An under-recovered body becomes an injured body."

  • 40 recipe eBook based on the most recent science
  • Easy to follow steps on how to take science to your plate
  • Filled with exciting data on how to impact everything between the skin and your bones to take control of how you feel, look, and perform
  • Access at any time from your favorite device 
Recover Every Layer of Your Body - Resync
Recover Every Layer of Your Body - Resync


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