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Buying Guide for the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Written by Barbara Depta and registered dietitian, Detrick Snyder, MPH, RDN. Updated on 2023-08-01.

Buying Guide For The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

​​At Resync, we get the question all the time: “Do nitric oxide boosters really work?” The answer really depends on what nitric oxide booster you’re taking!

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to decide what nitric oxide supplement will work best for you.There are many different nitric oxide supplements on the market, and you need to know what to look for when buying a nitric oxide product.

As the CEO of Resync, a science-based brand I created to help professional athletes recover faster from strenuous workouts, games, and travel. Together with registered dietitian Detrick Snyder, MPH, RDN, we will weigh in on how to find the best nitric oxide supplement.

Background: Types Of Nitric Oxide Boosters

Two main types of supplements try to increase nitric oxide levels:


To get from the starting material to nitric oxide, each type of supplement goes through a different pathway.

You can generate nitric oxide from dozens of compounds, but generally speaking you’re likely to see nitric oxide boosters come from synthesized L-arginine or plant-based nitrate sources like red beetroot, supported by synthetic nitrate or nitrite source.

Over the last seven years, we have been laser-focused on providing people with valuable data on nitric oxide. You may want to read our previous work on 6 Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide from Natural Nitrates and 5 Performance Enhancing Benefits of Nitric Oxide and Natural Nitrates for some of the evidence-backed health benefits.

Now, let’s get back to the first way nitric oxide is formulated.

Arginine and Citrulline for Nitric Oxide

How much do arginine and citrulline boost nitric oxide levels?

 With how popular these types of products are, the answer may surprise you.

You actually naturally make L-arginine in your body. However, your body’s ability to make nitric oxide from arginine and citrulline is limited by a number of factors.

The protein that makes nitric oxide from L-arginine can only handle so much at one time.

Then, when people are deficient in nitric oxide, it’s this protein that’s broken. You can feed a broken system the right fuel, but you won’t be getting the nitric oxide boost you’re expecting — and paying for!

What’s worse is that your body adapts to arginine supplements over time, which means you have to take more in order to get the same effect you started with. And recent studies from the UK, show that large amounts of L-arginine can be detrimental to our brain function.

Some products have a precursor of arginine, citrulline, added to them. Your body is able to store more citrulline than arginine, and can turn one into the other, so adding citrulline maximizes the nitric oxide out you can get from this pathway.

You can squeeze out marginal benefits from a limited pathway, or you can opt for a more powerful solution.

Nitrate and Nitrite for Nitric Oxide

The other pathway to generate nitric oxide is via the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. This path does not rely on enzymes, so the level of nitric oxide boost you can get isn’t limited.

The conversion of nitrate to nitrite partly depends on beneficial bacteria in the mouth and gut. Isolated nitrate-converting microbiota are at the forefront of research — stay tuned to learn more once we do!

What limits your nitrate to the nitric oxide-making pathway?

Antacids, mouthwash, antibiotics, inflammation, aging, lack of physical activity, heart disease, and more are all related to low nitric oxide levels.

Then there are the factors related to your supplement itself that determine what you get out of it.

Synthetic Nitrates Vs. Natural Plant-Based Sources Of Nitrates

Synthetic nitrates isolate the effect of nitrate alone, and they are cheaper to make than highly purified extraction methods. Sodium Nitrate is the primary filler to look out for in nitric oxide supplements.

Natural nitrates actually produce larger effects than synthetic nitrate on outcomes like oxygen use and heart health. Always take a look at the ingredients list, and don’t settle for a product with synthetic nitrate!

Beets vary widely in their nitrate content,
and this mostly depends on whether they’re grown with nitrate fertilizer or not. Beetroot juice has the added complication of being high in sugar — inappropriate if you're truly trying to optimize metabolism and keep your soft tissues healthy. The more sugar you consume, the less collagen synthesis will take place.

Red spinach, arugula, most leafy red and some green veggies, aronia berries (aka “chokeberry”), are all better than beets in their nitrate content. See the full list here: Make the Most of Your Veggies.

If you’re supplementing with a plant-based nitrate, keep in mind that you need a product that’s standardized. Research shows that the products on today’s market vary drastically in their active ingredients.

Do you know what’s in your beet juice?

What Nitric Oxide Products Work?

L-arginine, beetroot and nitrate based products all work to some extent, but none optimize for recovery, oxygenation, heart health, and your potential. What makes a good nitric oxide booster? The best product works via multiple pathways, provides a reliable and functional dose, and stands on a foundation of supportive research, testimonials, and verified certifications.

What To Look For When Buying Nitric Oxide Supplements

Below, these are some of the most important questions you should ask about any nitric oxide booster. You can always contact the manufacturer if their label or their website is unclear. If you can’t get a good answer, you know you’re not getting the most of your supplement.

Q1 - Is it the right kind of nitric oxide booster for your needs?

If you are just looking for a slight increase in nitric oxide levels, arginine and citrulline are suitable options. Even with the conversion from citrulline to arginine to nitric oxide, you reach a point of limiting returns quickly with this type of nitric oxide booster.

Arginine and citrulline are really only popular because they were discovered first and are not expensive. Current research shows that nitrate supplements more reliably and powerfully raise nitric oxide levels than arginine.

Beetroot powder comes to mind for many. However, red spinach extract may be the most concentrated source of nitrate currently known. Beets have health benefits outside just their nitrate contribution, so a combination supplement can give you the best of all options.

Q2 - Does it provide a standardized dose of nitrate?

The right dose depends on two things: how much your body needs, and how much your supplement provides.

You might be surprised to know that scientific research proves that the nitric oxide products currently on the market range dramatically in their nitric oxide boosting power.

Reach out to the manufacturer of your favorite nitric oxide supplement. Can they tell you what increase in your nitric oxide levels you should expect? (See the point about the scientific studies below for more.)

Make sure your product delivers at least 6.5 mmol nitrates per serving — this is the dose that shows up in study after study. If the manufacturer can’t tell you, what else do they not know about the product they make?

The other point that cannot go overlooked: standardization. Standardized supplements tell you exactly how much of the active ingredient is in the product.

I cannot stress how important this is!

If your supplement isn’t standardized, you have no idea how much you are getting. Are you just coloring your smoothies red, or are you experiencing the impactful benefits shown in science?

Q3 - Do other ingredients add to the nitrate’s effectiveness? (And, is there an absence of fillers?)

Plant-based nitrates, like the ones we use from red spinach, beets, and Aronia berry may be the best way to provide nitric oxide, but additional ingredients can facilitate the overall effect you are aiming for.

For example, mango fruit is known to enhance the circulation of the tiniest of blood vessels. What better complement to nitric oxide’s function in opening up blood vessels to let oxygen and nutrients flow?

Nitric oxide provides an inflammation-regulating signal essential for your body’s response to exercise, whereas polyphenyl antioxidants shore up your body’s inflammation-fighting capabilities to optimize recovery.

Lastly, fillers can be detrimental to your gut health. Therefore, please double check all ingredients list to make sure you do not consume ingredients that will go against your needs.

Q4 - Are the claims supported by science?

If a supplement can’t cite scientific research that tests the claims on the bottle, how can you know what to expect when you start taking it?

With unfounded claims all over social media, scientific backing is more and more important these days.

Resync Recovery, for example, has been tested by numerous researchers:

-Dr. Coggan tested Resync Recovery against other nitric oxide boosters and found that Resync is the most highly concentrated supplement on the market.

-Dr. Bloomer tested the nitric oxide boosting power of Resync products. With this research you can be confident knowing just how much nitric oxide you’ll get from a scoop. And this test was done on men and women.

-The ingredients used in Resync formulations are supported by independent research too. Red Spinach Extract is studied for its effect on performance, Mango fruit positively affects circulation, and CureIt Turmeric extract is shown to lower pain and inflammation. And when it comes to Aronia berry, I already knew how powerful this berry was for inflammatory purposes, when I created the first Resync product.

The ingredients in Resync have been studied more generally, and all lines of evidence point to the positive effect Resync may have on every layer of your body.

Q 5 - Is your product third-party certified?

If you want a product that is as clean and safe, as effective, then you have to look for something that is independently tested and certified.

Because of the way supplements are regulated in the United States, there is literally no other way to ensure that what’s written on the label is what you actually find in the bottle.

The FDA requires that manufacturing practices meet minimum standards, but the FDA doesn’t test individual batches of a product after they are made. And they definitely don’t test for the presence of contaminants or banned substances. That is not the quality we stand for at Resync.

It’s up to you to find a supplement that confidently stands up to independent verification. You’ll want to look for the approval of two of the most respected independent product testing organizations, NSF Certified For Sport and the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).

When you see the “NSF Certified for Sport” quality seal (a certification level higher than the basic NSF certification) or the BSCG stamp of approval, you know that the supplement is FREE of banned substances. BSCG carries three individual tests that companies can put their product through, whereas NSF combines these tests and does it all at once.

Professional athletes would be risking not just their performance, but their entire career, by using a product that’s contaminated or spiked. If a professional can’t settle for an uncertified product, why would you risk your health on a cheap supplement? I understand that you will not get banned from playing a few games, yet your body will be exposed to ingredients that should never enter your body.

Look for those certifications so you don’t have to worry about whether your product actually works or if it’s causing unwanted side effects.

When you buy quality-certified supplements, you’re buying transparency and peace of mind. This is what Resync stands for!

Q6 - How solid are the testimonials, reviews, and demonstrated expertise?

If professionals use a product, it gives you an idea of the quality. If you want to reach a new threshold in your recovery and health, hold yourself to the same caliber.

At Resync, we do not pay any athletes or sport organizations to take our products. They take it because they feel and see the differences in their performance and recovery.

Athletes in cycling, football, golf, running, and more see and feel the difference Resync makes for them, so whether you’re on the field or playing soccer mom, you’ll be pleased to see similar results.

In collaboration with providers across North America, Resync raises the bar for complementary therapy too. Dr. Diamond from the HeartFit Cardiology Clinic, dermatologist Dr. Navarro from the Vein Center of Palm Beaches, world-renown athletics expert professor Andy Jones, and other medical and research professionals each trust Resync quality.

Given the immense level of research and backing that stands behind Resync, it’s no surprise that it took CEO Barbara Depta traveling the world to bring you the highest quality products in a highly impactful formulation. She works with professional athletes, researchers, product developers, and clinicians to understand how to meet your needs.

Resync fills a gap in the supplement market for recovery-enhancing solutions that help you take on each day refreshed and ready to go!

To summarize: what to pay attention to when choosing a nitric oxide supplement:

  • Does your product raise nitric oxide with nitrates and nitrites instead of arginine and citrulline?
  • Does your nitrate booster provide a standardized dose of at least 6.5 mmol nitrate per serving?
  • Do other ingredients add to the effectiveness of the nitrates? Are there any fillers to be avoided?
  • Does the product carry certifications from independent testing labs like NSF Sport or BSCG?
  • Are the claims supported by scientific research? Has the supplement been tested clinically?
  • Does your nitric oxide booster carry testimonials from professionals, a majority of positive customer reviews, and from experts in the field?

You might be surprised at how few products can confidently answer every one of these questions. If it can’t, you know you have a problem.

Let these questions guide you and be confident in the value, transparency, and quality of your purchase. Only with a trusted product can you get proven results, and Resync offers nothing less!

If you found this guide for your nitric oxide booster helpful, check out our collagen buying guide for an in-depth analysis. Resync hydrolyzed collagen blend, also offers plant-based nitrates from red spinach, red beets, and Aronia berry to support your nitric oxide needs.

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