Do You Need Nitrates To Enhance Your Athletic Recovery?

In our first blog, we described why at Resync, we believe nitric oxide is essential for your athletic recovery.

Today we would like to address the fundamentals of what nitrates really are, do you need nitrates to enhance your athletic recovery, and what food contains higher levels of nitrates so you can clearly see that Resync products combine the best sources of nitrates so you can maximize your athletic recovery.

So lets get right into it, shall we?

What are nitrates?

Nitrate is a compound that includes nitrogen and oxygen.

Yet, that is not a sufficient explanation in our opinion, and we would like to make sure you understand that there are nitrates found in foods, and also nitrates used as food preservatives, and even though they both are chemically the same – sodium nitrate (the sodium salt of nitric acid) that identity is where the similarity between food nitrates and preservative nitrates truly ends.

One big difference between nitrates in foods and as a preservative is that natural food nitrates are fresher, and have not had enough time to break down to nitrites in your body. The nitrates used as preservatives, e.g. in meats have more time to break down to nitrites.

Since nitrates convert easily into nitrites (one less oxygen on the molecule), which happens over time (days to weeks), it is an important fact to remember, as timing is truly everything here.

The nice thing about nitrates from foods and supplements is that it does help your body make more nitric oxide and use it better, without the down side of nitrite buildup and conversion.

And fortunately for naturally occurring nitrates in foods, there are other compounds, such as Vitamin C and polyphenols (all found in plant foods, not animal foods) that prevent conversion of nitrates to nitrites.

Another way to slow conversion is to drink liquids that empty the stomach fast, and this is exactly what drink designed for athletic recovery, like Resync that contain nitrates do.

Therefore, one does not need to be concerned with nitrates from healthy sources, and rather should consume plant foods, and dietary supplements with ingredients high in nitrates level.

However, foods preserved with nitrates – use with care.

Why do we need nitrates?

We need nitrates to be converted in the body to the small gas molecule nitric oxide (NO), which helps to relax blood vessels to lower blood pressure, which generally improves circulation, and supports your athletic recovery. That is just what we need to stay healthy.

So why is this relevant to athletic recovery?

NO’s function in the body is as a signaling molecule in various areas of organs. Because NO breaks down super-fast into nitrate, it can make rapid changes up or down in circulation, just what our bodies need to stay healthy or ramp up exercise quickly.

NO allows for relaxation of the blood vessels for more blood flow to the target organs and thus more nutrients can be delivered for recovery. That is very desirable for active people and for people with poor circulation to begin with.

With Resync products we want you to have a combination of both, red spinach and red beets so you are gaining even higher levels of nitrates to support even better your athletic recovery.

And you should also know that our proprietary blend includes other vital ingredients, like antioxidant powerhouse- aronia berry, which has shown support with athletic recovery as well.

As we always say “An under-recover athlete becomes an injured athlete”. Support your athletic recovery to the fullest and stay on the top of your performance.

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