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How to Gain Lean, Healthy Muscles (Faster Than You Think)

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How to Gain Lean, Healthy Muscles (Faster Than You Think)


There’s a secret to gaining lean, healthy muscles—and celebrities, high-profile fitness trainers, and professional athletes aren’t revealing it…


(No, I don’t mean steroids).


As a former performance and structural balance coach to many top professional athletes from different leagues, such as the NFL, MLB, and PGA, I am going to share with you the “insider’s secret” in just a moment.


But first, it’s no secret that building a lean, muscular body takes self-discipline, clean eating, good-quality sleep, and, of course … exercise—where good form follows function.


Whether it’s HIIT (high-intensity interval training), resistance training, Pilates … take your pick … you need to exercise to gain lean, healthy muscle.


When you exercise, your muscles undergo metabolic stress—and the muscles adapt to that stress by growing larger.


It’s as if your body’s saying, “Whoa, hold your horses, buddy! If you’re going to lift that … pull this way … stretch that way … we’re going to have to make sure you can actually do that without injuring yourself.”


So the body develops a “new normal.” Kind of like when you’re cold and your body shivers to heat itself up again. It’s homeostasis.


But That’s Not the Full Story When It Comes to Building Muscle…


Building lean, healthy muscle requires building a strong foundation for those muscles in the surrounding fascia and other connective tissues around them—the tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, and so on.


After all, your connective tissues actually support those muscles and the muscle fibers. And the connective tissues need to be able to support any additional muscular growth, or else your body goes, “Nope, we just don’t have the resources for this additional muscle.”


That’s why training your body at different angles and speed contributes to stronger, healthier fascia.


Proper movement is one way to create a healthy musculoskeletal and fascial system; but is there another way to support its health besides moving effectively? To answer that question, we need to take a look at what fascia is made of.




















Essentially, fascia is made of three primary components:

1) Fibers

2) Ground substance

3) Water


The most prevalent fiber in fascia is collagen (another one is elastin, but I’ll focus on collagen since it’s the second largest component of fascia after water).   

And the more collagen-rich your fascia is, the more tensile strength it hasmeaning your body will be more stable. Collagen density and architectural patterns are deciding factors in your tissue stability and elasticity—directly contributing to the way your muscles feel and look.


This is the secret you’re not hearing about: to gain lean, healthy muscle, you need to focus on the connective tissues … and that means collagen—the body’s most abundant protein.


Unfortunately, with repetitive, inaccurate movement, as well as age, this vital protein declines. And it breaks down further with arthritis or other abnormalities of the joints.


So, how can your body produce more collagen and thus be able to support more muscular growth and health?


This study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows an increase in collagen production from the consumption of gelatin (a consumable form of collagen) and the antioxidant vitamin C one hour before a workout.


The authors of the study—Keith Baar et al—found, “The current data strongly support the hypothesis that starting an exercise bout 1 h after consuming 15 g of [collagen] results in greater collagen synthesis in the recovery period after exercise.”


Those who took 15 grams of collagen together with vitamin C showed a 100% increase in collagen production over both the placebo group and those who had taken a lower amount of collagen. This enhanced collagen production was seen within just five hours of consumption.


That’s huge!


Because that means taking an adequate amount of quality collagen peptides together with vitamin C an hour before your workout will grow those connective tissues that help you grow lean, healthy muscle!


 Collagen Is Like Fertilizer for Your Connective Tissues and Muscles…


But there’s a catch (actually … three catches):


1) It has to be an adequate amount of collagen. This study showed 15 grams. Less collagen was not effective.


2) The authors of this study noted that “vitamin C is required for collagen synthesis.” You really need the 100% DV of vitamin C with the collagen.


And 3) the collagen has to be easily absorbable by the body.


Resync collagen is a highly absorbable collagen blend … consisting of 15 grams of hydrolyzed collagen peptides (a highly absorbable form), together with the full, 100% DV of vitamin C.



Not only that, but this synergistic formula also contains hyaluronic acid—an important component of articular joints that promotes connective tissue lubrication. And this formula also contains natural nitric oxide precursors, stimulating healthy blood flow (so you can get oxygen and nutrients into the muscles quickly).


This proprietary collagen blend, made of red spinach, beets, aronia berries, and other rich antioxidant sources, is unlike anything else on the market!




That’s why it’s consumed by the top elite professional athletes. They trust our quality—but most importantly, they feel and see the difference in the way they perform and recover.


Now, you can do the same for your muscles and the rest of your connective tissue system.



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