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Why is collagen important for beauty at any age?

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Why is collagen important for beauty at any age?
Back when we were first getting interested in how collagen affects your health, little was known about collagen, how to support it with nutrition, and how the two relate to your appearance. Tradition had it that drinking bone broth could help reduce wrinkles and give vigor to your joints and bones, but the research to back those claims up wasn’t quite there yet.  

My, how times have changed! By now, you can find collagen supplements everywhere claiming to be the fountain of youth revealed, and to be honest, that’s not too far from the truth! Recent research now shows that a collagen supplement like Resync’s Collagen Blend can help:

...And the list goes on. When it comes to supporting your beauty and energy, there’s a lot going for collagen hydrolysate! Register for a free Resync account to learn:

  • Why is collagen so important for beauty at any age?
  • What is collagen used for?
  • What do I need to look out for in a collagen supplement for beauty?
  • What does the science say about using collagen for better looking skin, nails, hair, and a better feeling body?

Collagen: The Glue that Holds Everything Together

Your skin is essentially made up of layers of tissue that keep damage from the outside world from creating too much havoc on the inside.  Your skin cells are a disposable resource: your body continuously sheds old, damaged skin and renews itself every 28-40 days. This means that photo you took with your friends last summer? You’ve got a fresh new look whether you realize it or not! Since your skin regenerates so often, it means that the looks of your skin can be especially affected by what you eat.

The fact that your skin renews so regularly means that it requires more nutrients than other parts of your body. Those layers of skin are mostly made up of the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen provides structure, strength, and moisture to your skin, while elastin is what gives it pliability and stretch.  When you get poked, collagen is what keeps your skin from breaking, and elastin is what moves it back into shape. With age, the collagen in the skin changes and levels generally decrease (more on that in a bit). 

So how do you keep your constantly-evolving skin nourished with the right building blocks?  Besides having a relatively healthful diet with healthy fats, complex carbs, lots of fiber-rich veggies, and quality protein, it might not be a surprise that supplementing with collagen is your best bet to keep your skin looking beautiful.  But, not all collagen is the same, and not all collagen supplements are created equal! The best types of collagen for beautiful skin are types I and III, both of which are found in the Resync Collagen Blend. In addition, vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) helps your body use collagen effectively.  Besides that, other natural antioxidants and botanicals can help keep your skin cells happy as they go through their short little lives!

Radiant Complexion

Nowhere in the body is aging more apparent than in the complexion of your skin. Effortless wrinkle-free skin may be the privilege of youth, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy for you to see the wrinkles melt away as well! 

The collagen protein stores water in your skin and increases its strength and flexibility. Starting somewhere in your mid-twenties, the connective tissue in your skin starts to lose collagen and with it, water. When your skin isn’t able to store as much water, it starts to shrink and wrinkle. It’s no surprise then that studies have shown that getting a source of high quality collagen in your diet can lead to healthier, hydrated and younger-looking skin. 

Natural aging ⇒  ↓ collagen density ⇒ ↓ water storage ⇒ more wrinkles

In fact, the specific collagen used in our Resync Collagen Blend has been studied for it’s hydrating effects on skin. It only took 5 grams a day for 8 weeks of the same collagen in Resync for 45 to 60 year old women to see significantly less wrinkles around their eyes.  Besides visibly fewer wrinkles, the water content in their skin increased by 12 to 28%, meaning more supple, young looking skin is within reach, no matter your age! This clinical study stands with a number of others that consistently show the benefits of supplementing with collagen peptides for skin health. There are even more studies taking place right now, so stay tuned for more good news like this!

Strong and Beautiful Hair & Nails

Even though your hair and fingernails are not made of collagen, the blood vessels that supply them and the skin that they grow in are. That same study done with 45 to 60 year-old women showed benefits for hair strength and nail appearance, too.  5 grams per day of the collagen peptides used in Resync Collagen Blend were shown to make women’s hair about 6 times stronger in just 8 weeks.  That sounds like the end of split-ends!

Resync’s Collagen Blend is unlike any other product out there in that it goes beyond just collagen support for your hair, nails and skin. The hair roots and the cells that make nails need constant supply of proper nutrients, so a healthy heart and healthy blood veins are important for outward beauty too. Besides providing your body the easy-to-digest collagen protein that it prefers, Resync contains a natural extract that gives your body something known as nitric oxide, or “N-O” for short.  

Nitric oxide is an anti-inflammatory molecule your body uses to tell your blood veins to relax.  Nitric oxide precursors, like those in the beet root, aronia berry, and red spinach extracts used in our blends, have been studied for its positive effects on heart health. N-O has also been studied for its positive effect on slowing cognitive decline, helping out the immune system, supporting nutrient delivery throughout your body, and providing clean energy without the crash that comes with stimulants like caffeine.

Since Resync’s Collagen Blend supports your collagen and your heart health, you know that when you take it, you are directly supporting your skin, hair and nails at multiple levels so you can look and feel full of vitality.

Feel embodied, look embodied

If you’ve ever felt long lasting side effects after injuring yourself, or if you know the pain and stiffness that can come with aging joints, you know that when you don’t feel your best, you don’t look your best.

Taking advantage of the clinically studied benefits of a collagen supplement may be the boost you’re looking for to keep your body running smoothly. Cartilage, ligaments, and other connective tissue pad and protect your bones from the high impact of daily life.  Healthy cartilage protects your bones by absorbing the pressure and shock created during normal movement. It’s not hard to see that taking care of your joints is important for being able to move through life with ease.

The health of your cartilage depends on having the right nutrients to support its growth and minimize its damage.  Even though your body is able to make cartilage and collagen on its own, it needs the right building blocks to be able to do it effectively.  You can supply those nutrients easily with a collagen supplement, but you’ll need the extra nutrients we talked about earlier to maximize your body’s ability to use them: vitamin C, antioxidants, and natural nitric oxide precursors.

Healthy, resilient cartilage supports your energy by allowing you to move painlessly and effortlessly. The time taken to focus on your joint and heart health will be time well-spent when you see the results translated into effortless posture and graceful movement!

Bottom Line

  • Keep your skin looking healthy with a constant supply of the building blocks it needs: types I & III collagen, vitamin C, other antioxidants, and natural nitric oxide precursors.
  • Research studies show that taking a small amount of collagen every day for 8 or more weeks can lead to moisturized skin, better looking nails, stronger hair.
  • If joint issues are what’s keeping you from living an embodied life, the research shows that 10+ grams of collagen per day for 6 months can help ease joint pain.
  • Support your cardiovascular system with natural nitrate precursors to enhance blood flow and increase the nutrients available to your joints, skin, nails, and hair.

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I do not take any meds at all due to anxiety, does this product trigger the jitters or anxiety, is there any type of meds included in this product??

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