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First Research Study On Resync Recovery and Heart Health Shows Benefits for Cardiac Patients

If you work to get your blood pressure in check or to optimize your heart health, you are probably no stranger to the benefits of nitric oxide. If you want to improve your performance or speed up your recovery after exercise, it’s even more likely that you’ve heard of beetroot juice or L-arginine for giving you a nitric oxide boost.  (If you’re a heart doc, go ahead and skip straight to the results below - none of this is news to you!)

You might already know that plant-based nitrates are well known to have endurance enhancing effects. Other studies have shown that they can also lower blood pressure in people whose blood pressure is already high.

But not all nitrate supplements are created equal. Fillers, ineffective ingredients, excessive sugar or artificial flavors are all common additions in your run-of-the-mill beet powder supplements. We didn’t even know that other “nitric oxide boosters” made of L-arginine and other amino acids hardly even work at all until they were studied in clinical research. The heart health community is still recovering from the misinformation spread by companies who just wanted to make a buck on a theoretical “fix”.

So we teamed up with a cardiac rehab clinic in Calgary, Canada and put Resync to the test. Our quality-certified, power-packed blend of the top nitrate vegetables combined with some of the most potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and heart-healthy ingredients available produced some impactful results.

The cardiac clinic had 28 adults take Resync Recovery every day for 5 weeks. Most of the people in the study had high blood pressure and all of them were at a cardiac rehab clinic for heart issues. They were given 1 or 2 doses of Resync Recovery: just one scoop for those whose blood pressure was under 130/80 and two scoops if it was higher.

Honestly, though, the results weren’t surprising. When you start with science-backed ingredients and follow through with rigorous quality control testing, how can you go wrong?

Around the world, the majority of adults do not consume enough fruit and vegetables to meet daily recommendations. The widespread deficit in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and nutrients from fruit and vegetables plays a part in almost every chronic condition, especially cardiovascular disease. Low nitric oxide levels in your blood can contribute to lung, kidney, gut, liver, metabolic, and heart diseases.

So, it only makes sense that concentrated sources of natural nitrate - fruits like aronia berry, and vegetables like beets and red spinach - may play a crucial role in promoting health from increasing nitric oxide, enhancing blood flow, supporting antioxidant activity, promoting a healthy microbiome, and regulating inflammation.

What did the study on people at a cardiac rehab clinic show?

We can split the results up based on short-term vs. long-term effects or on who saw the most dramatic benefit, but you’re probably most interested in knowing whether or not Resync recovery could provide the heart health benefits that you’re looking for.

Over the course of 5 weeks (1 week before the end of the study, before people started dropping out in large numbers due to fear of Covid-19), systolic blood pressure decreased by an average of 7.8 points and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 2.3 points. That’s the difference between a healthy heart and borderline hypertension. That’s the difference between dealing with the side effects of a blood pressure drug and being able to manage your blood pressure naturally.

Importantly, no major side effects or adverse events were noted when using Resync recovery for it’s blood pressure effects.

When we divided patients based on whether their blood pressure was above or below 139/89 (the average in those getting two doses), the results made me say “wow” out loud. The 50% of patients with the highest initial blood pressure dropped an astounding 23.0/19.3 points!

Aortic Augmentation index - a measure of how stiff your arteries are - also went down a dramatic 14%! Even though it’s not part of regular heart checkup, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that a 14% improvement in artery stiffness with a simple daily supplement is a real benefit for your health!

If you’re a cardiovascular professional who wants some more granular detail, keep reading below for other heart health results.

We know that you appreciate transparency and honesty, so we’re going to cut out the work for our competitors and tell you now that, even though this study produced some great results, there’s still more research to be done.

First, this study suffered from dropout issues due to the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. Resync Recovery didn’t have any negative effects on people with Covid-19 - in fact it might have had positive effects, but that’s just a theory - but as you could imagine, with a pandemic sweeping the world, people lost interest in going out to get their heart health checked. Plus, I know my blood pressure went up a couple of points when this virus swept the world, I’m sure it happened to the people in our study, too.

Secondly, this study was relatively small and there was no placebo. 28 people is enough to give us some good ideas, but we’re planning on following this research up with bigger and better studies to confirm the effects that we saw here.

So what does this mean for you?

Talk to your cardiologist before making any major changes to your diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medication, and when you do, be sure to take the stats straight from the research to back up your decision. And ask if Resync might be the right fit for you. 

If you care about blood pressure and general heart health, this data is for you. The results show that Resync may be an up-and-coming contender for helping you meet your heart health goals. If you are a cardiovascular specialist, you’ll probably want to keep reading: we’ve included some more of the granular details of the study below.

Besides the results above, many other cardiovascular measures were taken and we noticed some trends that may have a significant impact on you or your patients. In only one week of taking Resync daily, patients saw beneficial decreases across the board. Some measures rebounded after an initial decrease, but all measures showed an improvement over time.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a graph is worth a thousand more, so I’ll leave you the data itself for you to make your own conclusions. We saw massive dropout at the final measurement due to the 2019-Coronavirus, so interpret the last week with appropriate uncertainty. 


All figures represent mean values with 95% confidence intervals. Asterisks indicate statistical significance (p<.05) from baseline to time point; trends (.05<p<.10) are indicated with a cross. 

As you can see from the final graph, those with the most severe hypertension are the ones who not only saw the most benefit, but they didn’t have the adaptive “rebound” effect seen in people with more moderate blood pressure. Normo-tensive individuals’ blood pressure may have an adaptive response to the supplement (whereby blood pressure returns to baseline after an acute, 1 week decrease), whereas those with most severe hypertension do not appear to have an adaptive effect (ie. lowered blood pressure was sustained for 5 weeks). Although these results could be explained by the commonly observed “regression to the mean” effect, the dramatic results seen here suggest a true effect.

If you’re a cardiovascular specialist, it’s easy to write off supplements as unregulated, ineffective placebos. Our top-tier quality control certifications from NSF Sport and Banned Substances Control Group should help alleviate your worries when it comes to quality and regulation. The results from this study help to show that a science-backed supplement like Resync Recovery might be considered for managing blood pressure and arterial stiffness in patients with pre-existing heart disease.



Resync is approved by doctors, trusted by pro-athletes, but made for everyone


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  • Plant-based nitric oxide blend to maintain daily vitality
  • Heart health health in one scoop
  • Healthy inflammatory response post physical activity
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Recovery &
Anti-Inflammatory Response Post Exercise

Nitrates and polyphenols play a significant role in supporting a healthy inflammatory response post exercise.


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  • Joints, muscles, gut & heart health 
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Collagen & Musculoskeletal System

Aging, inflammation, and overuse all damage connective tissue and muscles, along with the systems that support them. Collagen peptides play a critical role in the musculoskeletal system.

Resync Recovery freeshipping - Resync
Resync Recovery freeshipping - Resync
Resync Recovery freeshipping - Resync

Resync Recovery Blend


RESYNC RECOVERY is a patent pending, plant-based nitric oxide blend of red spinach, red beets & aronia berry. Its superiority has been proven by several human clinical studies.

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, multi-system benefits of these plant-based nitric oxide superfoods (red spinach, red beets, and aronia berry) present in Resync are enhanced with mango, ginger, and turmeric extracts and supported with prebiotic inulin to support gut health.    

• 20 servings 
• 32 oz of beet juice in 1 scoop but zero sugar
• Clinically tested, banned substance free & 3rd party certified by NSF Sport

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