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How to support collagen health

Feb 11, 2022 Barbara Depta

In this blog, I’m going to share with you how to support collagen health to strengthen skin & every other layer of your body.

Did you know that collagen protein slowly renews over several months if your body contains the right building blocks, supportive nutrients, and regulators? After water, collagen is the second-largest component of the connective tissue fascia that holds your body together.

Maybe you were told that skin is made of collagen, that’s correct.It’s the most superficial layer that needs collagen protein to stay smooth and firm. Yet, every layer underneath the skin depends on collagen health. The only difference is the collagen content in each one of those layers.

The more collagen-rich your fascia is, the more tensile strength it has, meaning it allows you to gain dynamic stability and mobility in your joints.

Yet, not just fascia needs this essential protein. Your entire body is made of collagen protein. 

What’s unique about each of those layers is that each needs different building blocks and other supportive nutrients(cofactors) to stay healthy.

Therefore, the first question you should be asking is, how is collagen made? And secondly, how can you eat to support optimal collagen health.

In the years of research, Resync has conducted, there are three levels to how what you eat affects this essential protein in your skin and connective tissues.

The first are the fundamental building blocks, the amino acids. The distribution of these building blocks depends on the tissue (each layer). Yet, essentially, you need to have the full spread of amino acids to build collagen ( whey protein doesn’t provide you with all of them) and to strengthen it, to cross-link it in ways that either promote its resiliency or its ability to stretch you have to have these other building blocks for example collagen peptides. Yet, there are others.

The next level that we would consider in how your nutrition affects how your collagen gets made are those supportive nutrients - those cofactors and supporting nutrients that allow your body to build and maintain your collagen. For example you need copper, Vitamin C & Iron. Yet, there is more. 

You are constantly breaking down and building down collagen and for that process to happen effectively, you’ve got to have these mentioned cofactors. These nutrients plugin into the enzymes and make them work for your Collagen machinery to operate optimally.

Then we need to get into a more extensive landscape, the larger antioxidant and inflammatory regulators. What’s your body‘s pH, your weight status, the presence of a chronic condition, or how many antioxidants you’re eating.

There are so many different things that go into how the whole process of making collagen is regulated. It’s not as straight forward of taking plain white power of collagen protein and calling a day.

Here is an example of an easy and powerful a recipe to help you strengthen your collagen 

One Of Our Favorite Snack Recipes With Resync 

Layered Recovery Parfait Jar

Whether you’re running trails or running errands, you need a quick bite to keep you going when there’s no time to lose. Don’t settle for fast, white carbs - sugar-spiked “energy” bars that leave you drained at the end of the day and wire you to crave more sugar tomorrow.

Take this snack on the go so you can feel fresh even at the end of the day. Try this recipe and fuel your body with nutritious value on every level.

Pair it with your smaller portion of lunch for a full course that enhances recovery and regenerates your connective tissue while treating your tastebuds to a world of new flavors.

At Resync, we created an online class - everything you need to know about collagen.

It is free of charge - we want everyone, not just health professionals, to genuinely understand what your body needs to support the strength and flexibility of every layer of the body.

To watch the class at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or office, please click the link.

It also includes three nutrient-dense recipes that support the health of every layer of your body. Team


What You Need To Support Collagen Health & Strengthen Every Layer of Your Body 


Collagen Builders, Co-Factors & Regulators For Optimal Connective Tissue Health 



About This Class

This class considers vital nutritional factors that impact every layer of connective tissues health, with a deep dive into the importance of healthy collagen tissues and skin health. Nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining skin elasticity, structure, appearance, and health. This course provides evidence-based nutrition recommendations to optimize your overall skin and connective tissue health.

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While other companies push clickbait and fake news, what we say is backed by research. When you have the right information, you are empowered to make the right best decision possible. That’s why we break down complex science into practical takeaways you can use today.

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Wishing you the best in your health,
The Resync Team

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