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Muscle Building and Recovery with Collagen Peptides

  • Barbara Depta
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If you want to build muscle, you’ve probably heard of buff bodybuilders and pretty pro athletes chugging whey protein shakes.
But that’s only a small part of the picture when it comes to building muscle. And also, not everyone is going for a “bulky look” but some of us, like lean and balanced muscles. 
It’s also very important to remember that between your muscles, and skin, there are other lawyers of connective tissue, which impact your muscles’ health, and their recovery. 
But for now, let’s focus on the fact that of course, resistance training is the most essential part of building muscle. Healthy sleep is also a part of your journey to build muscles and support your recovery, and so is balanced nutrition—including adequate protein and amino acid intake.
However, you just can’t train and recover properly to build muscle without a strong foundation for that muscle in the surrounding connective tissues—the fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc.
Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, constitutes those connective tissues, especially your fascia. Fascia is a band or some like to think of it as a sheet, under the skin that stabilizes and holds together practically your entire body.  It has different layers and is typically neglected in muscle-building programs. 
That’s often why you find so many injuries among fitness enthusiasts since they neglect the underlying structure supporting the muscles and don’t give it the time and resources it needs to recover and grow.
That’s where collagen peptides come in…
Collagen peptides, or hydrolyzed collagen, is a highly bioavailable form of collagen; the body absorbs these smaller molecules like a sponge.
We know supplementing with collagen peptides has been shown to improve skin quality, reduce lines and wrinkles, reduce joint discomfort, and expedite recovery from even tendon injuries. 
But here are a few things you may not know about collagen peptides when it comes to muscle building and recovery:
  • Collagen Peptides Have Been Shown to Increase Fat-Free Mass and Strength. The authors of one study wrote, “Our data demonstrate that compared with placebo, collagen peptide supplementation in combination with resistance training further improved body composition by increasing FFM [fat-free mass], muscle strength and the loss in FM [fat mass].” 
Similar results were found in another study. You don’t typically think of collagen peptides when it comes to muscle building, but these studies show you should seriously consider collagen peptides if you want to optimize your muscle-building capacity.
  • The More Collagen-Rich Your Fascia Is, the More Tensile Strength It Has—meaning your body will be more stable. Collagen density and architectural patterns mean stability and elasticity of the tissue. The result? You can be more injury-resistant and work harder during your workouts. 
Lest you doubt that consuming collagen peptides can directly contribute to the collagen in your fascia, I explain in a previous post how it’s been shown that taking an adequate amount of quality collagen peptides together with vitamin C an hour before a workout resulted in a 100% increase in collagen production in the body over the placebo group. That increase can help grow those connective tissues that help support lean, healthy muscle growth.
  • Collagen Peptides Can Help You Recover Better. This study showed how the consumption of collagen peptides offers benefits for the recovery of the muscles after a workout, reducing soreness. 
Another study found that collagen peptides improved ankle function and decreased ankle sprains and the risk of ankle injuries. That’s great news for runners, tennis or basketball players, and other pros, or recreational athletes.
And when you can recover better, you can exercise with more intensity and frequency, resulting in improved muscle mass and definition.
So, we see that collagen peptides provide many benefits for muscle building and recovery. But, as I’ve mentioned many times, you have to consume the right collagen peptides, with just the right quality and quantity of additional synergistic ingredients. Don’t fall for just any white powder or a pill of simple plain collagen. As you will waste your money and time. 

Resync premium collagen peptides


Resync Collagen is a highly absorbable collagen blend … consisting of 15 grams of hydrolyzed collagen peptides per serving —just the right amount that’s been found to be beneficial in the scientific literature.
It contains the full daily value of vitamin C—also needed—as well as hyaluronic acid to support your connective tissue health, which is a vital component of articular joints, improving shear of fascia and lubrication. 
With Resync Collagen, you’ll also find natural nitric oxide blend, which stimulates healthy blood flow and shuttle oxygen and nutrients into the muscles quickly. 
Elite professional athletes use Resync Collagen because they know what it does for their performance and recovery. These are quality, synergistic ingredients you can check out right here —and you can’t find them in any other collagen supplements on the market. You would have to consume 4 or 5 different supplements to just get the ingredients Resync Collagen contains. 
This is why Resync Collagen is typically more expensive, but because we are all facing challenging times, we decided to provide an unimaginable discount, quite outrages, but I also know that I want everyone to support their musculoskeletal system, with the right ingredients and quantity of them every day. Even if that means we are barely making any profit from the sales. 
Try the product and see what it does for your muscle building, health, and recovery!

Shop Resync Premium Collagen Peptides today & get FREE shipping with a purchase of 2 or more tubs. 



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