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Which Collagen Is Best For Skin, Hair, and Nails?

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Which Collagen Is Best For Skin, Hair, and Nails?

Sit tight and buckle up, we’re going to show you what we look for in 2020’s best collagen for skin, hair, & nails.

In this blog series we cover: 

What Is The Best Collagen Supplement?

It depends on what you’re looking for, but good collagen supplements have some things in common, like specific ingredients and certifications to get the best bang for your buck.

If you want to know which collagen powder to buy, what different certifications, label claims mean, and what products return the best results, check out our buyers guide here:

Which collagen supplement is best on the market?

But if you’re ready to do the work yourself, examining every product label in the supplement aisle, here’s our guide on how to choose the best collagen supplement to maximize your benefits:

What to look for when shopping for a collagen supplement.

But, if you just want to know which collagen powder is good for what, you’ve found the right place!  

We’ll take a look at why Resync Collagen Blend is so good for looking good on the outside, and in the next blog we’ll look at how Resync makes the connective tissue on the inside shine.

You already know that Resync is one of the highest quality, most well-tested products out there; now we’re going to look at why.

Which Collagen Is Best For Skin?

Tradition has it that drinking bone brothーa natural source of collagenーhelps reduce wrinkles and give vigor to your joints and bones. 

We’ve taken a look at the science, and I’m confident that you can get a leg up on tradition with a product as effective as Resync Collagen

A collagen source like the one in Resync’s Collagen Blend has been clinically studied to help:

...and the list goes on. When it comes to enhancing your beauty, there’s a lot going for collagen hydrolysate

How Collagen Works for Better Skin

Your skin is made up of layers of  tissue that are constantly renewing to keep the outside worldーfull of damaging chemicals like toxins and pollutantsーfrom messing with the inside world of your health.  

Those layers of skin are mostly made up of the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen provides structure, strength, and moisture to your skin, while elastin gives it stretch. If I poked you right now, it’s the elastin that lets your skin stay flexible and it’s the collagen that keeps things in place when it springs back.

The fact that your skin is always renewing means that you have to give it a consistent source of nutrients to keep it healthy. Even if you’re eating a decent diet, if your blood flow isn’t delivering those nutrients very well, it shows up as brittle hair and saggy skin.

To make matters worse, the collagen levels in your skin gradually decrease with age. When collagen decreases, your skin can’t hold as much water, which causes stretch marks and wrinkles.

So how do you keep your constantly-evolving skin nourished?  Besides eating a healthy diet (check out more on that in this article) it might not surprise you that a collagen supplement may be your best bet to keep your skin looking beautiful!

The Natural Effect Of Aging

Natural aging  ⇒ ↓ collagen density  ⇒ ↓ skin hydration ⇒ more wrinkles

The Natural Effect Of Supplementing With Collagen

Resync Collagen  ⇒ ↑ collagen density  ⇒ ↑ skin hydration ⇒ radiant skin

In fact, the collagen source used in our Resync Collagen Blend has been clinically studied for its moisturizing, anti-aging effects on the skin. “Which collagen is best for wrinkles”, you might ask? The one that’s been clinically researched to prove its effectiveness, of course!

Women aged 45 to 60-years-old saw results within 8 weeks of using collagen every day.  Besides visibly fewer wrinkles, the water in their skin increased to 112% to 128% of where it started from.  Young-looking skin is within reach, no matter your age! ...please insert the link to the study

But like we said earlier, not all collagen is the same and not all collagen supplements are created equal! For example, the collagen type that is best for skin, hair, and nails is not the collagen you would need to replenish lost cartilage in your knee. 

The best types of collagen for beautiful skin are types I and III, both of which are found in Resync’s Collagen Blend.  This combination let’s your skin build strength and retain moisture naturally, through what you eat. 

In addition, Resync contains the vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) your body needs to absorb and use collagen effectively.  Besides that, other natural antioxidants and botanicals in Resync Collagen and Resync Recovery can help keep your skin cells happy as they go through their short little lives! 

Since Resync’s Collagen Blend supports your collagen and your heart health, you know that when you take it you’re directly supporting your skin, hair and nails at multiple levels. Supplement with intention and reap the benefits of looking and feeling your best!

Which Collagen is Best for Hair & Nails?

Resync’s Collagen Blend is unlike any other product out there, and we’re not just saying that because every other collagen supplement says it! 

We don’t just give you the best collagen on the market, we know that you don’t get the most out of it without the synergy of a couple other ingredients. 

Let’s go into that a bit further. The hair roots and the cells that make nails need a constant supply of proper nutrients.  A strong heart and healthy blood veins make sure that your skin is getting vital nutrients. 

Because of this nutrient-delivery issue (many, many people don’t get adequate blood circulation for a variety of reasons) Resync collagen gets at the issue from both sides. 

Collagen types 1 and 3 can strengthen your blood vessels (similar to how it strengthens your nails), which help your blood deliver nutrients and clear toxins. 

Besides the easy-to-digest collagen protein that you body craves, Resync also delivers natural ingredients that boost your circulation with something known as nitric oxide, or “N-O” for short.  

Nitric oxide is what your blood veins use to relax, open up, and increase blood flow. 

Red spinach extract is one of the most potent sources of N-O, and it’s featured alongside the powerful aronia berry extract and the industry standard beet powder to maximize the blood-vessel-opening effect of natural nitrates. 

Resync Collagen  ⇒ stronger blood vessels & better circulation 

⇒  better nutrient delivery  ⇒ glowing skin, stronger nails & hair

If you want to know more about using collagen to look good, check out our article on collagen for beauty at any age here.

There really is no product that matches Resync’s commitment to transparency and quality or our unique beauty-supporting blend. 

You won’t find a brand that better serves your skin, but be careful! The money you save by buying quality might have to go straight to your monthly nails budget!

The tests confirm our reputation, the science backs up our claims. All that’s left is for you to experience what it means to Resync your Beauty!

Bottom Line

  • Keep your skin looking healthy with a constant supply of the building blocks it needs: types I & III collagen, vitamin C, other antioxidants, and natural nitric oxide precursors.
  • Research studies show that 8 weeks of daily collagen can lead to moisturized skin, better looking nails, and stronger hair.
  • Resync Collagen Blend supports blood flow and helps deliver key nutrients where you need them most like no other supplement. To boot, we stand in a class of our own in quality certifications to give you a peace of mind when you consume Resync products. 

Look for our next article on the topic, where we continue the talk on what the best collagen is for your joints and bones, and how to see results with your daily supplement!

We want to hear from you! 

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