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5 Easy Tips How To Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle in 2022

Jan 24, 2022 Barbara Depta

With the new year comes new ambitions, but how can you make your New Year’s resolution stick this time around?

Take these tips from an experienced team of a registered dietitian and a super busy, energetic entrepreneur, and do not let your nutritional aspirations degrade into another fad diet.

The Resync team is here to ensure you’re sure to see success this year!

1. Mindset and Motivation

At Resync, we recognize that getting your mindset straight is essential before any change can be effective. With that being said, do you have clarity on what you want to achieve, and what will it take to get there?

Have you asked yourself, what areas of your life are you lacking clarity that might be blocking you from sticking to your goals?

Do you have the correct support system to stick to your goals?

Is it mindset and motivation that prevent you from getting what you desire, or is it a lack of strategy?

If you've been here before and act like you're just going on another diet, then that's probably how you'll treat it: "just another diet." It's like going for a walk. It is temporary. Why set yourself for failure?

Just going on another diet will yield the same results that you've already seen.
• Yo-yo weight fluctuations
• ShamePoor mental health
• Lack of energy
• Frustration

These are all that you've possibly experienced with failed diets in the past. Why?Because without having a clear picture of how to change your mindset, you cannot expect to have the same results this time around.

So, can we cut the cycle now and stop "going on a diet."?

Can you start thinking about committing to small yet consistent and practical lifestyle changes?The lasting changes will set you up for successful years, not weeks or days down the line.

To us, at Resync, there is no such thing as "going on a diet." Instead, there's making precise changes to how you think about yourself, what you eat, when, and why.

Clarity is the key to your success.

There's no "on/off", "cheat day", "good", or "bad".

There is no shaming yourself by not sticking with some idealized notion of a diet that nobody can stick with.

Lastly, before we move to point number two, you have to divest from what drains your energy to generate energy for a new healthy lifestyle. For more tips on boosting your energy, check out my blog here: Don’t Let Your Diet Decrease Your Energy in 2022.

2. Setting

Before you even start making changes, the next thing you really have to pay attention to is your food landscape.

Whether you notice it or not, the world you move around in is constantly providing you feedback on what you could be eating.

• What are the foods you have a habit of keeping on the table for snacking?
• You may have a refrigerator stocked with vegetables, but what foods do you have extra stock of in your pantry?
• What are the grab-and-go foods you have for easy snacking?
• When you open your cupboard what are the foods that are at eye-level, jumping out at you?

Mastering your home environment is a key step in ensuring your success. For example, if you know that sugar affects your blood sugar regulation or excess salt raises your blood pressure, design a home environment conducive to your new lifestyle.

Check out this blog for 51 tips on sugar-proofing your kitchen.

Outside of your house, you have less control over your food environment. If fast food is a regular stop for you, consider taking an alternate route when out. However, if you think it's unavoidable — and let's be honest, fast food in America is unavoidable — then making sure you have healthy snacks on the go it's going to be critical for you to be able to maintain your willpower.

We get it. You have to resist the status quo other times to live a healthy life. Finding out where the stairs are and taking them daily, integrating regular movement into a standard desk job, resisting the fast-carb snacks so-well known in the office space — these are all examples where doing what's "normal" will hit you with metabolic disorder and increase your risk for chronic disease.

It's time to say no to the status quo and live the life you define on your terms!

3. See for yourself

Finally, we get to actually making some dietary changes.

We always recommend people start slow, with small adaptable changes, and build upon your previous successes with new dietary changes.

When you do it this way, instead of radically changing everything and going on a diet, your behavior change becomes integrated into your healthy lifestyle.

Eating in a new way is not an extra burden, it’s just what you do now.

Compare that to jumping on the bandwagon, and then falling off of it right away. We want to be breaking these kinds of cycles, not perpetuating them!

Use a healthy diet like the Mediterranean or the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to guide you, and test out how different foods affect how you feel and your markers of health.

You have to find what your optimal diet looks like.

For example:
• Some people do just fine with potatoes, whereas others might see a spike in blood sugar with them.
• Some people might be fine just eating enough protein, whereas others may need to get collagen amino acids for complete support.
• Some people do great on a low-fat diet, whereas others need a higher fat Mediterranean diet, or a well-formulated ketogenic diet, to achieve their health goals.

These are just a couple of the differences you might see when you compare your results to somebody else's. No two people’s health journeys are the same, and so no two people are going to see the same benefits from the same diet.

You have to take matters into your own hands and see what kind of dietary change works for you in order to actually start seeing success!

If you want some more guidance on how to eat for total health, check out our recipe ebook with easy healthy recipes that support your body’s recovery. And when you’re recovering your best by the end of the day, you’re able to live life to the fullest!

4. Buy In

Another practical method for maximizing motivation is to get skin in the game. Go back to what is motivating you to make these changes in the first place, and see how you can incentivize yourself to make those changes a daily reality.

• Are you improving your health so that you can keep playing with your kids or grandkids?
• Are you doing it for yourself, with a promise that you won't end up disabled with the disease for your last decades?

Whatever it is, it needs to be authentically meaningful to you. If you love and understand what motivates you, you can keep that reason front and center for you when times are hardest.

Besides your personal buy-in, finding a community that can support you is another excellent way to get skin in the game.

For example, if you break a promise to yourself, there are few consequences for not upholding your end of the bargain. On the other hand, if you have a bet with your best friends on who can eat five servings of vegetables a day, it will be obvious who is working hard and who needs some more support.

It's important to keep in mind that this strategy is really just to gamify the whole process and make your journey more fun and community-centered.

If you don't like the idea of betting, there are other ways to support your community's health and, in turn, to be supported.

Simply getting friends or family together who are all on their health journeys is an easy way to give and get more support. There are a number of helpful online communities to seek out as well!

5. Make it a Habit

Lastly, the only way to make a new healthy eating pattern stick is to make it part of your lifestyle. Remember, what we said previously, there's no such thing as "going on a diet". There's just the healthy foods you choose to eat and the unhealthy foods you choose not to.

Making a new lifestyle means finding ways to make the right choice, the easy choice. This step requires you to reverse engineer your own psychology.

Think of ways you make difficult things more manageable.
• You can change your emotional response to those things.
• You can try doing them alongside things that you like doing.
• You can try taking the things you don't like one tiny step at a time, spacing them through the day, so you're never overwhelmed at one time.

Each of these helps to reframe the negative perspective you may have about some action.If eating more leafy greens is the crux of the matter for you, then ask yourself these questions to see what is blocking you.

• The color?
• The smell?
• The consistency
• The person who was yelling and made you eat them when you were younger?

Those are some potential old blockers that can now be utilized to create healthy new habits.

In the end, being more aware of what makes unhealthy habits easy and what makes healthy habits more difficult is a recipe for a well-lived life.

When you unlock what makes a habit stick, you open the doors to self-mastery. Self-mastery is one of the highest callings we humans have, so starting with a healthier eating pattern may lead to an entirely new lifestyle based on health, pre joy, and vitality!

Here's to grabbing life by the horns and not letting up until your goals are reached! 

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While other companies push clickbait and fake news, what we say is backed by research. When you have the right information, you are empowered to make the right decision. That’s why we break down complex science into practical takeaways you can use today.

Helping you lead a healthier life,
The Resync Team

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