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Male Focus in 2021

  • Barbara Depta
Male Focus in 2021



After a year like 2020, you might not want to admit it, but I think it’s safe to say that we all might need a little help ringing in the new year. Whether it’s self-optimization or just living with vitality despite the challenges, Resync wants to help you live a healthier life by focusing on your inner health. 

Here are some ideas to possibly focus on: 


  • Magnetic Poise
  • Adaptable, Athletic, Affectionate
  • Lively Learner
  • Eager Communicator


    Magnetic Poise

    You know when a fully poised, embodied man walks into the room?  Confident, not cocky; strong, yet balanced; assertive, but yielding and not demanding. That’s a man many are drawn to, and that’s what magnetic poise looks like. 

    As you can tell, poise isn’t just how you carry yourself physically. Internal emotional, intellectual, spiritual balance, in addition to the physical appearance & strength, is what it takes to become the kind of person other people want to be like. That equilibrium is what draws others to us, let’s make it one of the strongest goals in 2021.

    Now, what do I mean by internal balance?

    It’s easy to love someone else, but really what does that love mean if compassion, respect and appreciation for yourself are a challenge? 

    If you are imbalanced internally, it might show up as being reactive or as cold disaffection. You might feel in charge in the moment, but that’s certainly not how you look at those around you. How would you be perceived differently if you transition your mind from reactive to perceptive?

    When your friend, your family, or your partner needs your emotional support and you’re too focused on your priorities, you simply can’t give them your best. It’s like the emergency instructions on a plane: make sure you’re ok first, and then you can help the people around you.

    A mindset with mental and emotional balance at the center shows up as physical balance on the outside. 

    Balance your stress by turning positive energy first towards yourself: when you are emotionally balanced and available, it’s easier to care for those around you. When your external environment is at peace, your authentic self gets the opportunity to reveal itself. 

    Being authentic not only draws others to your internal balance, but it can have a dramatic impact on your kinesthetic presence. When you show up for those around you authentically, you affirm your place in the bigger picture, and trust me, other people can pick up on that.

    The True Mind-Body Connection & Fascia 

    You may not even know it, but you have a sensory-rich net of connective tissue underneath the skin that helps you move effortlessly, protects your body from the damage of everyday life, or it can predispose you to injury and deep damage when you don’t take care of it.                                                         

    That fascia net connects your entire body from the ground up. From your feet all the way to your head it is interwoven in between your muscles and every tissue of your body.

    Your fascia translates the balance or imbalance of your decisions into cellular signals transmitted through your entire body. 

    Take a look at my free ebook Resync Your Performance and Recovery for a wealth of evidence-based strategies to support the fascia's health. 

    If you want real, practical examples of how your fascia should be taken care of nutritionally then do not miss out of the latest research and check our newest recipe book Resync Every Layer Of Your Body.

    And also learn how you can exercise this valuable tissue while you train your deep core muscles effectively from the ground up, check out my newest fitness/rehab tool, Core Boot, here

    Adaptable, Athletic, Affectionate

    2020 put our societal and personal weaknesses into stark contrast. If ever there was a call for adaptability and resilience, it must be now. Being willing to adapt to new challenges is literally the only way to thrive in a post-Covid world. 

    Affection isn’t necessarily a state of sappiness. True affection is shown in the way we respect everyone around us. Opening up to a warm heart isn’t the path to losing your edge, it’s a way to open up the opportunities available to you in a way you were closed off to in the past. 

    For example, when you’re thrown under the bus, it’s having an open heart that will level the playing field and introduce mutual respect, effectively halting the quid pro quo game that leaves so many relationships - professional and personal - tense at the best, and in shambles at the worst.

    While showing a more affectionate side, it’s still vital to take care of your body - you have to have both to create better bridges between you and those around you, especially your partner.

    Typically, athleticism is the number one goal for the new year. Inevitably, we jump in without enough information, experience, or consistent plan - often resulting in an injury that sets us back to where we were or lackluster results. 

    When I say to get active, I mean to focus on form - physical function will follow, but only if every nerve in every muscle fiber fires right. 

    Paying attention to quality, not just the reps and sets, ensures that you’re setting a strong foundation that will see you not just through a few months this new year, but to every month and year moving forward.

    Also don’t just put the work in and ignore the other critical inputs.  How do you gain a resilient musculoskeletal system if you’re not supporting it with the best nutrients for strong connective tissue?  I am not talking about gaining bulky muscles, but multidimensional strength and mobility to gain a confident posture and body. 

    Without a healthy pliable fascia, the rest of your tissues and organs can’t get the coordinated health you’re looking for. As we’ve discussed in the past (check out that free ebook!), the right nutrients isn’t just getting the right protein, you have to get the right amino acids (hint: collagen protein is key for fascia), the right carbohydrates, and the right fats.  

    Staying consistently athletic means paying attention to your recovery by the end of every day, not just after a workout, plane trip or car drive -  and that’s where Resync comes into the picture. 

    Recovery Tea - Take Time To Resync

    To foster that deeper mindset a simple ritual in the morning like taking a scoop of Resync Recovery with your morning tea can help you establish a consistent routine that facilitates mindfulness and healthy blood flow every day.

    Resync Recovery, full of plant-based nitrates from beetroot, red spinach, and aronia berry, antioxidants, and bioactives for optimal physical support, is already a key piece of many professional athletes’ routine. 

    • Plant-based nitrates can help improve oxygenation, which translates into better cognitive function due to the improved supply of oxygen. 
    • Antioxidants can keep chronic inflammation at bay. 

    Add a deeper intention to your hot morning beverage. It may just be the reframe you need to start supporting yourself from the inside-out.

    Endurance Tea for Getting What You Want Out of Life

    Resync Collagen is a great example of how a few simple, quality ingredients can transform your body performance. Resync’s collagen is a premium product, certified by a leader in sports supplements certification: Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), meaning you can rest assured that you’re getting the same high quality in every scoop with no substances banned in sport. no fillers, no additives. 

    Collagen, being the most prevalent protein in your body, is essential for your structural balance and physical resilience. Whether it’s recovering from painful injuries, building strength, improving mobility, or any other physical goal, research shows that hydrolyzed collagen can help you go longer and stay stronger. Besides that, research also shows that collagen can promote your visible, superficial health from the inside out. Gain glowing hair and supple skin that the ladies will swoon over, and get the physical strength and more with a daily collagen supplement!

    We mentioned natural nitrates and nitric oxide already; one of those other benefits is improving the endurance you need to seize the day. The plant-based nitrates in Resync from red spinach extract, aronia berry extract, and red beet root powder deliver a standardized, clinically researched dose to support nitric oxide. The performance benefits seen in research (better exercise tolerance, longer endurance, longer time to fatigue) are just a scoop away with Resync!

    Lively Learner

    L - lively learners have an energetic personality and exciting attitude to life. With a beginner’s mind, any challenge can be embraced with enthusiasm. Even then, you have to have self-awareness to notice your blind spots. It’s not just gaining knowledge (like the fact that natural nitrates have been shown to be far and away better to boost your nitric oxide than the old standard, L-arginine and L-Citrulline), you’ve got to think about how to learn in order to steer yourself in the right direction.

    Often, I see people ignoring bind spots and then falling right through them over and over. Being busy is easy, but it covers up what’s distracting you in life rather than propelling you to learn about what could be holding you back.

    Stop, say no, and be true to you. Gain fresh clarity on where you are imbalanced. 

    It’s not just about focusing more time on the things that are important to you. It is also about taking time and energy away from things, situations, and people who aren’t serving you. 

    Pick up a pen and take note of what you’re doing that competes with your priorities. Look for situations, places, not just people that add more stress and frustrations to your life.  Address who and what is stealing your attention and time, so that you can take the time necessary to look within and learn about what’s truly holding you back.

    Learning is all about consistent process, sometimes less is more. We need intentional, and consistent steps, not a frantic push forward with no compass. Let’s not obsess on how many steps we take when we don’t even know where we’re going! Make quality matter more than quantity in 2021! 

    While the journey to a life made rich with learning takes patience and practice, I believe you can do it! 

    Fascia Friendly Tea with Resync Collagen

    A lot of people think of connective tissue as inert: it just transmits mechanical force carried by your muscles.  But recent research shows that our connective tissues are vibrant with life: changing, remodeling, and adapting to the current physical, mental, and nutritional state. We are learning more and more about how to support your connective tissues, and one I don’t want you to overlook is the vasodilating, blood-vessel opening, nutrient delivery molecule: nitric oxide which also relaxes your connective tissue fascia. 

    Even your bones, thought of as a painfully slow-to-heal tissue, can increase mineralization and improve markers of bone mineral density by the hour - with the right support! And those muscles don’t just need branch chain amino acids, they need to be supported by resilient connective tissue that can be loaded past what your muscles are capable of holding. How do your connective tissues get the nutrients they need to stay strong? You guessed it, nitric oxide.

    So what’s the best way to strengthen your fascia, skin, tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and more? You have to look at the common denominator of your connective tissues: the health of your collagen.

    And the best way to promote collagen health nutritionally is by using clean hydrolyzed collagen peptides from high quality sources with synergistic ingredients to support collagen synthesis. 

    Once you’ve got your first base covered with collagen peptides, then you can consider all the other nutritional ingredients that may improve connective tissue health. One great example are natural nitrates which turn into nitric oxide (N-O) once in your blood. 

    N-O is a critical molecule that opens up your blood vessels and improves blood flow, in addition to many other benefits.  Many of your connective tissues don’t have very good access to the nutrients circulating in your blood. Ensuring optimal nutrient delivery with blood-flow-promoting natural nitrates is one key step to ensuring pain-free range of motion, injury-free workouts, and staying physically active all year long. 

    Eager Communicator

    Being an eager communicator isn’t about just talking about whatever comes to your mind whenever the urge comes to you. No, that’s not communicating, that’s dominating. 

    To communicate effectively, it takes having a keen interest in listening. Start with observing what others are trying to communicate, then take the time to listen to what that brings up for yourself. Only then should you communicate the most appropriate message. 

    As a man, hearing out the other person before injecting your own opinion marks you as an exceptional communicator. In an age where “man-splaining” isn’t an insult, it’s just a name for the socially-learned behavior to talk first and listen later, being cognizant of this may seem like a minor shift, but it leads to stronger, kinder relationships and it profoundly widens your own horizons. 

    Listening is the first step to communicating. When you take into account how you come across to other people, their perception of you as an abundant listener and an intentional speaker will make all the difference in the opportunities available to you.

    But, communicating with others is only half the picture. An eager communicator also has a desire to communicate along the mind-body axis. Taking a listen to the individual layers deep within your body is how you will most successfully address your internal cues and generate that magnetic poise I spoke of earlier.,

    Layer by layer, attune your mind to your body. Listen and learn to address your own needs locally, not just globally, to become a healthier version of yourself. 

    Switch from looking at the superficial level to looking deep within and others will take note.

    When a courageous and confident attitude gets hurt, appreciate the moment, focus on gratitude for the failures - those emotional injuries are echoed in our connective tissues, too. And appreciating them vs regretting will be visible in posture and mindset. 

    If it was an imbalance that best described 2020 for you, then let it be the balance that brings you to the new year with preparedness and poise! Whatever your #QuarantineGoals are, Resync is here to help you gear up for a long-awaited healthy and happy new year. 

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    Wishing you the best in your health,

    The Resync Team


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    Written by Barbara Depta and registered dietitian Detrick Snyder, MPH, RDN. Updated on 1/4/2020.


    This content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of any professional healthcare service, INCLUDING the giving of medical advice. No provider-patient relationship is formed. The use of this information, and the materials linked to this content is at the user's own risk. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should abide by the advice of their healthcare provider, and should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice for any medical condition they may have.

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