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Spice up your life with Curcumin from Resync Supplements®

  • Barbara Depta
Spice up your life with Curcumin from Resync Supplements®


Resync launched in late 2017 by Barbara Depta, a renowned structural balance and flexibility coach to many professional athletes, is a clean product line based on natural nitrate sources like red spinach extract and supported by valuable additional ingredients such as curcumin, to support your anti-inflammatory lifestyle and daily vitality. She had a mission to develop a unique, valuable product line, and make it part of her new platform, Red-Sync Your Core™, where healthy movement, nutrition and effective communication could meet. 

Resync Supplements® include curcumin

Our curcumin is part of a unique turmeric extract provided by novel ingredients. It is a complex comprised of a unique composition of standardized levels of curcuminoids, polysaccharides, oils, protein and fiber that are all found in whole turmeric.

You may or may not know that Curcumin is one of the components of Turmeric, and its main bioactive component comprising as much as five percent of whole Turmeric (i.e., five grams out of a hundred grams of Turmeric is Curcumin). That is why the challenge with just typical turmeric extract is that it is difficult to get enough curcumin by just taking turmeric.

 Here are other things that may surprise you about Curcumin:  

1) In researching all the ingredients used in Resync Supplements®, Depta recognized that the origins of the vegetables, fruits and spices were of critical importance to the product. She realized that not only did the harvest location have a huge impact on potency, but other external environmental conditions also contributed to quality. Thus, all ingredients were researched, and stringent criteria were applied in choosing suppliers. As is true of most plant-based ingredients, Turmeric’s viability and the amount of Curcumin in it (for example, it is highest in India), is greatly affected by the ground and location where it is grown and harvested.

2) Turmeric- the Golden Spice (so named for its yellow color) is one of close to 50 spices that have been used for centuries to do more than merely flavor food, but have been helpful for obesity, metabolic disease, muscle inflammation and joint health, as well.

As one of the healthiest of those spices, Turmeric/Curcumin, has been known to aid in healthy inflammatory markers, and is also used as an anti-bacterial for skin problems and wound healing (documented in studies going back to the mid-1800 and1900s). Prior to the invention of the ph meter, Turmeric was used as a ph indicator of acidic or alkaline conditions. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

3) Turmeric binds to various proteins in the body, such as albumin, which act as a delivery system. Many proteins that Curcumin binds to can result in improved health, and some suggest a connection between it an enzyme that also binds to Lithium (used to treat depression).

 4) Heating changes the structure of Turmeric, making it several fold more active in the body, and results in better absorption.

Depta developed Resync Supplements® product line with the input of top experts and researchers to create an extraordinary super-food formula of clean, quality, plant-based highly standardized extracts to promote the maintenance of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Please pay attention to what you consume, how, when and with what intentions, as all of those factors will have an impact on your health and performance.


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