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Resync Recovery Blend (Tub)

Resync Recovery is a scientifically formulated, plant based blend of red spinach, beets, and aronia berry to support optimum levels of nitric oxide. 

Complemented by antioxidant, mango extract (supports microcirculation), it becomes a better natural energy supplement, more beneficial than just beet powder, or beet juice alone. 

Enhanced with ginger and turmeric extracts, Resync is also used as a recovery remedy to support blood flow and healthy inflammatory response post physical activity. 

All the superfoods are complemented with hyaluronic acid and prebiotic inulin to support connective tissue and gut health. 

You get all the functional benefits of these standardized extracts in one scoop a day. 

  • 30 servings of clean, non-stimulant energy
  • Clinically researched and 3rd party tested (NSF Sport and BSCG Certified)
  • 32 oz of beet juice in 1 scoop
  • 5 X better than beets alone
  • Support heart health and circulation
  • Promote brain functionality
  • Support healthy inflammatory response post physical activity
  • Support restful sleep

Resync is approved by doctors, trusted by pro-athletes, and made for everyone.


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