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Our Goal Is To Help You Live A Healthier Life

Today, more than ever, we pay attention to what we eat and how it impacts our bodies and makes us feel. 

Resync devotes time and money to science-based research. We share essential knowledge on how nitric oxide, reds, and collagen protein impact our body and support heart & soft tissue health while helping us recover from physical activity.

You can always count on our positive intentions and unconditional support. We are a wellness-driven company with a primary focus on the holistic recovery of every cell and every layer of the body.

Resync helps people live healthier lives by addressing the significance of critical molecules ( NITRIC OXIDE & COLLAGEN) that decrease with high-stress levels, age, and an inactive lifestyle.

About Resync's Founder & CEO

Educare School

Barbara Depta has a unique life story about what fueled her vision for RESYNC - her professional experiences with elite athletes & struggles with recovery from her injury are a large part of the brand's mission.

As a top certified performance and Fascia Flexibility coach, she has worked with many professional athletes, especially from the PGA Tour & NFL to help recover their bodies. While traveling with an NFL team, it became clear to Barbara that most athletes weren't doing all they could to recover effectively, even at the pro level.

She came up with the core ingredients she knew were missing from thier diet that were critical for their recovery. Then she hired her trusted network of researchers and scientists to finalize the first Resync recovery product.

Barbara’s gymnastic injury at a young age caused blood flow blockage to her heart that almost killed her, after few surgeries, she faced additional fascial tissue issues. Her recovery from injury became her life mission to help people get rid of their blockages .

Knowing how much Resync continues to help professional & Olympic athletes, her mission is to make Resync available to everyone to help them feel their best. Everything Barbara does as a coach is focused on the wellness of neurovascular & fascia systems. You can learn more about her larger vision and mission at Resync Your Body.

"I value all relationships in my life, including the one I have with food. Food, like people and words, has energy- what we consume is important to how we feel and how we live our life. What we consume is who we become. I value and pay attention to the synergy ingredients have. My mission is to provide you with better-for-you ingredients in a convenient and delicious way."

Barbara Depta - Founder & CEO

Educare School

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