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In this FREE exclusive video, a former NFL strength coach & structural balance coach spill the beans on …
How to Recover Like a Pro Athlete!
A special peek “inside the locker room” that reveals…

  • The shocking myths of what to do and not to do to recover effectively and prevent injuries
  • How to feel like a million bucks after your workouts (like you’re ready to go again!)
  • How to train consistently and blast through plateaus without nagging injuries preventing                 your progress

You work out … you watch what you eat … you even have rest days

But if you’re still experiencing pain or face injuries during or after working out. An achy knee, sore back, weird feeling in the shoulder, and so on, you could be doing long-lasting damage to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue (like picking a scab before it can heal, over and over) all because you’re not recovering properly.


But it’s not your fault

Until now, you haven’t had access to the same information elite coaches, and professional athletes have when it comes to maximal recovery.
Now, pro coaches Pratik Patel and Barbara Depta reveal all the secrets they have learned while working with pro athletes making this information available to everybody.

Pratik is a high-performance coach, researcher, advisor, author, and former Assistant Coach with the New York Giants.

Barbara is a high-performance coach, former structural balance and flexibility coach to many professional athletes, including the Baltimore Ravens. She is also the founder & CEO of Resync. 

Make sure to watch the FREE EXCLUSIVE video to avoid being overtrained or under-recovered

  • How the duration and frequency of your workouts affect your recovery (neglect this, and you may experience “micro” injuries that keep you from performing at your best)
  • Are you dehydrated following your workout? Here’s the “sweat test” to find out
  • Simple way to correct critical, systemic imbalances that prevent you from recovering properly
  • How to stimulate maximal muscle protein synthesis after your workouts, so your workouts aren't wasted and you grow more muscle and strength
  • The “Leucine trigger” and why you need at least x grams of this amino acid post-workout, along with other essential amino acids, for proper recovery
  • Why some people recover more rapidly than others (no, it’s not only sleep and nutrition)
  • Sugar—good or bad for recovery? The answer may surprise you
  • The sensory-rich faculty in our body that “absorbs” our emotions—impacting every single layer of our connective tissue under our skin
  • Your body-mind connection—signs it’s healthy (or inflammatory)
  • The surprising connection between your thoughts and your recovery (YES, your mental and emotional state play a bigger role than you think)
  • How much protein and carbs do you really need post-workout? Find out what athletes truly take
  • How vitamin and mineral deficiencies can impact the recovery of vital connective tissues that make it possible for you to move around without discomfort
  • Why the timing of your vitamin C is so important if you want your body to function at its best
  • Is your protein high-quality enough for proper recovery? A couple simple rules
  • How to know if you’re feeding your muscles but starving your ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues … and setting yourself up for an inevitable injury (easy fix)
  • A nutrient you’re almost certainly deficient in that would reduce muscle soreness and inflammation in your shoulders, hips, and throughout your body after your workout
  • Why plant based nitrates are so important for recovery and how you can easily get them into your diet.
  • The natural source of serotonin (the “happy” hormone) athletes take an hour before bed
  • How to know whether your supplement is safe to use
  • A supplement that lets athletes go longer without the usual fatigue
  • Why whey protein is insufficient (consider this carefully next time you scoop)

A Question You Need To Ask Yourself If You Train Regularly

Whey or Collagen — What’s better for you?

  • Whey protein alone can decrease your tendons and ligaments' health? In the video, you will find out exactly how and why.
  • The key micronutrient your body needs to process vitamin D (are you actually low in vitamin D even though you think you’re taking enough?) Find out what you might be missing. 
  • The key nutrients you need with collagen to be actually make collagen in your body without  decreasing your tendons strength.
  • Which supplement has the power to reduce the risk of soft-tissue injury? Make sure to watch the video. 

You’ll also learn:

  • When “rapid glycogen replenishment” is necessary for recovering adequately
  • The signs you need a higher-quality protein
  • What you need to know if you’re using only plant-based protein sources

You cannot even get an hour with Barbara and Pratik, and even if you could, their consulting fees are not cheap.

But you get to see this exclusive hour+ presentation—packed with science-based information you can’t find anywhere else on the net … completely free! 

Don’t go one more workout without understanding what you’re doing to your body 





Resync recovery

Better Than Beets Nitric Oxide Booster

A perfect plant-based recovery solution to support circulation, nutrient delivery throughout the body and help conveniently address inflammation post-activity.

Resync is the #1 plant-based recovery blend amongst professional athletes & functional medicine doctors. 

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Support Healthy Circulation & Strength of Every Layer of Your Body.

Every layer of your body, between the skin and bones, needs collagen protein to stay strong, pliable, and healthy.

However, you need more than plain collagen protein to keep those layers healthy.

That's why Resync's Collagen blend contains Recovery Reds (red spinach, beets, Aronia berries) with additional vitamins, and minerals to support your collagen health.

Resync is the first collagen supplement to combine the power of collagen & nitric oxide supporting ingredients to optimally support connective tissue health. 

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The Importance of Third-Party Certification 

Resync Supplements Are NSF Certified Sport & Guaranteed Banned Substance Free

Resync is trusted by professional & Olympic athletes worldwide.Under the NSF Certified for Sport® program, every product lot is tested for and guaranteed to be free of over 270+ banned substances, and there are no unsafe levels of contaminants.

Ensure that your supplement is standardized, certified, and delivers what it says it does. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced, tested before and post production to ensure quality, safety in every serving. What's on the label matches whats in the product.

About Pratik Patel

Pratik Patel is a high-performance coach, researcher, advisor, and author. Most recently he was an Assistant Coach with the New York Giants and was the team's longest-tenured coach on the coaching staff at the time. He was one of the first in the country to hold dual primary full-time roles and the first south Asian and minority on a professional coaching staff in this capacity.

Prior to his arrival with the Giants, Pratik worked for over seven years at the collegiate level at Kansas State, Michigan State, and the University of Oregon, where he had the opportunity to build, grow, and integrate sports nutrition departments from the ground up—and worked with numerous championship winning teams across a number of sports, with a heavy emphasis on football and basketball.

Pratik is originally from Shawnee, Kansas and went on to receive his undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Master's in Kinesiology from Kansas State University, where he also acted as the Sports Dietitian for the men's basketball team and conducted one of the first High Intensity Functional Training (HIFT) studies, which has since spawned a growth of research at Kansas State in the Functional Intensity Training lab in a number of different populations, including the US Army. He began his career in sports as an intern learning from the staff at the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, and at the University of Kansas.

Patel is a Registered Dietitian and board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND,) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

About Barbara Depta

Barbara Depta is the founder and the CEO of Resync. As a fascia stretch & structural balance coach, over the last decade, she has helped NFL, PGA, LPGA, NHL, MLB, NBA, and UFC athletes to perform and recover effectively.

This experience has taught her that performing your best requires the integrated, sustained, and heightened function of every system in your body. Of course, being athletically gifted is helpful, but physical talent can vanish quickly when and if you ignore your recovery process. When you don’t give recovery enough attention, you leave a gap between where you are and where you could be.

Closing this “recovery gap” from exhausting athletic events and pain has become her life’s work. She believes that “An Under Recovered Body Becomes An Injured Body™,” and that applies to all of us, not just top athletes. She created Resync products in 2017 while she was still devoting her time to the Baltimore Ravens.

Her work paid off as Resync became the most popular plant-based nitric oxide recovery blend used in professional leagues.The goal was to create a product not only for professional athletes but for anyone who wants clean plant-based energy and better recovery—a product to help people perform at their best, refuel their bodies, and support their connective tissue health.

She went to the cutting edge to find the best way to support your body’s recovery with nutrition, and now she is doing the same for your structural balance. Since balance, strength, and flexibility start with your feet, she went to the drawing board to develop a fitness and rehab tool for functional, full-body training focused on that critical point.
This patented tool, the Core Boot, can release tension first before you effectively activate your muscles and connect your feet with the rest of the body to prevent injuries, increase strength, stability, and mobility from the ground up. She wants to help you see that you, too, can have a healthy, confident, and structurally balanced body, regardless of your background, fitness level, and age.
 Her passion and knowledge are visible in anything she does. 

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