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Nutrition and Recipes

Recovery smoothie

We are very proud to partner with Angie @eleatnutrition for this smoothie recipe. Click to see the yummy recipe for yourself! You won't be dispapointed!

Resync Yogurt Bowl Trio

These bowls are not only delicious but they are also nutritious! To top it all off, they are also super QUICK and EASY to make.


Check out a Resync special, made by our founder and CEO, Barbara Depta. Learn how to make a delicious healthy breakfast bread with ONLY 1 gram of sugar & 22g of protein.

Recovery Smoothie Bowl

It is our pleasure to introduce Erica, @bowlobsessed. She's whipped up a yummy smoothie bowl fitting enough for her name. What can we say? We're obsessed!

Resync Dragon Power Bowl

Join one of our new bloggers, Coco, as she unveils a bowl fit for Khaleesi herself. Put on your platinum blonde wig and join us by clicking here.

Resync Oatmeal Trio

What's better than one oatmeal recipe? Three oatmeal recipes! Click here to see them all.

Resync Smoothie Bowl

Does it get any better than Lexi and Beth's recipes? We are happy to show @crowded_kitchen and their delicious smoothie bowl featuring Resync! Click here to view details.

cardio Collagen "zoats"

We absolutely love these oats that Charlotte whipped up! Click here to view these yummy zucchini oats from food blogger Charlotte Press, @press.startnutrition.

Very berry oats PARFAIT

Click here to see the recipe made by one of our favorite food bloggers Nadia Aidi, @foodmymuse. We hope you are as big of a fan of her parfait as we are. Yum!

Resync Red Juice Recipes with Beets, Cherries, Swiss Chard, Radish, Pomegranate and More!

Watch our very own CEO whip up some yummy juices.


Join Barbara Depta, Resync's CEO, as she makes a delicious beet soup with collagen on top for a kick of protein. Click here to watch.

heart healthy, anti-inflammatory juices

Watch Resync CEO cooking up some healthy (and delicious!) juices by clicking here


Instantly download our ANTI-INFLAMMATORY RESYNC RECIPE BOOK to support your deep, clean energy.


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