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Antioxidant Powerhouse Aronia Berry – Its Effect On Your Athletic Recovery

  • Barbara Depta
Aronia berry, antioxidant & polyphenol powerhouse


We know that we possess a strong survival instinct to be able to respond to any life-threatening situations. Athletes especially are equipped with so-called thick skin when it comes to that. Nonetheless, when they stay under that “stress mode” without taking any break for months or even years, their body starts to deteriorate. Living constantly under major physiological stress as most athletes do, the athletes might expect to benefit from a diet rich in antioxidants and polyphenols found in:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Root vegetables
  • A wide range of berries

We at Resync would like to introduce you to one of the top, if not the best berry, which shows support in athletic recovery, Aronia berry.


Amongst antioxidants is the extract from the Aronia melanocarpa, berries also known as Black Chokeberry and Aronia berry. Aronia berry is one of the richest plant sources of phenolic substances (polyphenols) and have proven effective in various biological activities. Preliminary work shows this extract’s ability to scavenge and reduce superoxide anion radicals induced by oxidative stress (Kedzierska et al. 2011).

Human blood platelets are an ideal model system to study the protective effects of different compounds against modifications of oxidative stress (Kedzierska et al. 2011). Magdalena and researchers examined the effects of Aronia extract on human blood platelets, sampled from young, non-smoking men ages 23 to 35 years. Results from their study show that the health benefits from the Aronia berry extract are due to the polyphenols in their extracts, which modulate platelet antioxidant enzymes. Therefore Aronia berry extract showed to be a good candidate for supporting blood platelets against changes to their haemostatic function caused by oxidative stress (Kedzierska et al. 2011).

In another exciting study done on rowers by Skarpa?ska, (Skarpanska et al. 2014)  athletes supplemented with Aronia juice, had significantly lower post-exercise levels of TNF-alpha, and significantly higher TACs and iron levels.

These results confirm the beneficial effects of chokeberry juice compounds in reducing the consequences of an intensive physical training load. The study findings justify the use of Aronia juice in the supplementation of athletes undergoing maximal exercise.

Because of Aronia’s clinical efficacy, we at Resync decided to create a proprietary blend with this specific, clinically investigated berry. And what’s even better, is that our Aronia extract contains the polyphenol content of the berry, but with none of the sugar, so you can safely consume it without adding more carbohydrates to your diet. We all know that doesn’t contribute to effective athletic recovery.

Aronia berry is the new super berry with an enormous potential.
Remember “An under-recovered athlete is an injured athlete.”

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