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Resync Your Immune System

  • Barbara Depta
Resync Your Immune System


 2020 was not the best year for a lot of people. Yet, in the least expected time, we have learned more about ourselves, what we could be vs. shouldn't be doing to thrive, not just to survive.

At Resync, we always want to bring to your attention what’s healthy, better, safer for you and those around you.

At the end of 2020, Resync wants to add revolutionary value to the drink industry with a product that puts your health at the center of its design.              

You have never seen a drink like this

Resync Ready to Drink (RTD) Beverage is the only science-backed sparkling heart healthy beverage that you have been waiting for. A plant-based energy your heart, gut and immune system. 

This winter season, Covid-19 is expected to ramp up alongside the flu and the common cold. Extend your yuletide spirit differently this upcoming year, and set yourself up to recover your best no matter what comes at you in 2021!

Healthy doesn’t have to taste awful, but it also shouldn’t be loaded with sugar. And it doesn’t need to be hard to get or time-consuming either. Health is on the go and in your hands with Resync Beverage


Making Your Heart Healthy Was Our “Quarantine Project”

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic rocked our world and changed our everyday lives, Resync has been working on ways to disrupt this industry with your health at the center of our business strategy.

When medical professionals were working on a treatment for Covid-19 (one of which involves nitric oxide), we worked on a grab-and-go plant-based energy drink to keep you merely healthy and happy. We focused on finding ways to help you choose heart health and better immunity without sacrificing the things you enjoy in life.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the saying goes, and healthy nitric oxide levels in your body are associated with better function in all your systems, from your heart to your blood veins, your bones to your skin, your mitochondria to your immune system. It naturally decreases with age, so pay attention to your levels for the highest functioning body!

Our natural nitrate, a plant-based blend of red spinach, Aronia berry, and beetroot extracts, proved to be the perfect blend for supporting professional athletes and cardiac rehab patients alike

Would it work for immune health too?

We didn’t just “drag and drop” those same ingredients into a carbonated, ready-to- refresh drink and call it a day. No way we would stop there! 

We added vitamin C, polyphenol antioxidants, three types of fiber, including beta-glucan, plus clinically-researched, standardized, quality-certified botanicals to give you a needed boost for your overall health and energy.


Selfish interests have turned our food economy into a profit-making enterprise in exchange for a toxic food environment,  setting a precedent for a pandemic to burn a path across the world and hitting the most vulnerable people the hardest. It’s time to change that, don’t you think? 

Resync created a wholly new health drink without precedent and parallel. For you, with you in mind.


Resync Your Health With Resync Products

There are plenty of easy ways you can put your money where your health is. 

Here are a few we’ve curated for you:

  • Significant research supports the use of the ingredients in Resync Collagen and Resync Recovery for optimal health. Our website is full of myth-busting resources on what makes the right product and why you might consider taking a supplement. See why Resync could be what you need to help you close the gap between tired and ready to go!
  • We wrote a book on eating for sleep and recovery and health for every layer of your body. Part cookbook, part-research review, we take an in-depth look at uniquely powerful food combinations that will impact inflammation, bolster physical and mental performance, and improve health daily.

Check it out here: 

Recover Every Layer of Your Body: 40 Science-Based Recipes For Better Sleep, Faster Recovery, and Healthier Connective Tissues

  • Then there’s Resync Beverage, the newest product in our line that puts you and your well-being at center stage, available to you and your family in December 2020. 

Now let’s take a look at why this winter season is the time to be paying attention to your immune system.

Resync Beverage: Drinking to Your Immune Health

Most “energy drinks” leave you feeling sapped, which reflects the toll they take on your stress levels and your immunity. If you’re wondering, “is there an energy drink that is really good for you?” 

You can most likely answer that question! 

The typical “energy drinks,” say yes to the sugar, stimulates, and the additives.

Instead, you can stick with healthier ingredients and science-based strategies to save your immune system, improve your mitochondria, recover your body, and set yourself up for resilience. 

What makes Resync RTD a landmark entree in the beverage industry?

Plant-Based Nitrates 

Extracted from red spinach, red beetroot, and Aronia berry, nitrates are intent to support nitric oxide to open up your blood veins, which can allow nutrients and oxygen to get to where they need to while promoting healthy nutrient delivery.

Ample research backs up the heart health-boosting, performance-promoting, and recovery-enhancing properties of natural nitrates; just check out these evidence-based articles. 

Nitric Oxide and Your Immune System

Outside of the energy-enhancing performance-boosting properties, nitric oxide is a critical molecule for your immune system. 

Not only has research shown that a daily nitrate supplement can decrease stress and improve resilience to the common cold, but there are dozens of pathways that nitric-oxide boosting nitrates can provide the immune advantage you need this holiday season!

How does your immune system effectively fight an invading pathogen? Reactive oxygen species (ROS) - usually thought about as a cause of inflammation and aging - are also what give your immune system its stopping power.

Nitric oxide is the primary source for this attack that your white blood cells use in a targeted burst of damaging inflammation to fend off invaders. (Bogdan, 2001).

That’s all fine and well if your body can create enough nitric oxide. Many, if not most, people have a dysregulated nitric oxide system, though. If you think you have low nitric oxide levels, your immune system might benefit from increasing your levels with outside sources. 

We even have a study to help show the positive effects a nitrates supplement can have on your immune system (Ritz et al., 2019).  Supplementing with 400mg dietary nitrate daily was linked with 26% fewer cold symptoms. Better yet: those with asthma (N-O deficient) and those who produced the most N-O saw an even more significant benefit!

Those results are good to know for the common cold, less deadly coronaviruses (Amarasinghe et al. 2017), and other viruses (Liu et al. 2017; Pertile et al. 1996), but they don’t tell us much about the 2019-Coronavirus.

What we do know is that other coronaviruses are genetically similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19), and three test-tube studies show that other coronaviruses seem to be stopped in their tracks by nitric oxide donors (Akerström et al. 2009, Akerström et al. 2010; Keyaerts et al. 2004).

These data have some limitations, but what we know is that:

  1. Nitric oxide is essential for your immune function
  2. Supplementing to raise your levels can help you fight off other viruses like the cold, as documented in multiple lines of research
  3. Cell culture studies show that nitric oxide can directly fight other coronaviruses, like SARS-CoV and the types that cause the common cold.

Three Types Of Fiber In One Can

Inulin, micronized Aronia fiber, and beta-glucan together provide a total of 6 grams dietary fiber. That’s nearly one fourth (24%) of the USDA’s recommended daily intake!

Besides being a heart-healthy way to lower LDL cholesterol when combined with a healthy lifestyle, dietary fiber is known for promoting a healthy gut microbiome, critical to a robust immune system.

It’s called your gut-immune axis, and its discovery has some profound implications for how we’re going to be fighting the cold in the future. From fighting pathogens off in your gut before they ever get to the rest of your body to provide your immune system with sense, seek, and destroy machinery at the cellular level, your gut bacteria are a critical component of a fine-tuned immune system.

The importance of three different sources of fiber should not be understated. Taking your daily fiber is a step in the right direction, but just like a more diverse microbiome equates with better health, a range of fiber for your gut bacteria can lead to a richer diversity of microbiome benefits.

Gut health, heart health, and anti-inflammatory benefits are just the 3 main reasons you should factor in the fiber content. If you’re curious about more, we take a deep dive into this article: Resync Your Gut.

Sea Buckthorn Extract 

This ingredient has good evidence for heart health benefits thanks to its wealth of bioactive carotenoids, flavonoids, and vitamins.  Researchers suggest it may be useful for managing inflammation, thrombosis, and cancer. 

According to pre-clinical research, sea buckthorn may act as an immunomodulant by:

  • Innate anti-microbial activity due to its unique antioxidants (Michel et al. 2012)
  • Helping the general immune system to generate immunoglobulins - essential for your immune system to seek and destroy invaders. (Ramasamy et al. 2010) 
  • Helping to regenerate the barrier of your gut lining, thus keeping pathogens out of your body (Erkkola and Yang 2003)

We’re confident that more research on this marine bioactive will continue to reveal a sea of healthy potential!

Vitamin C & Rosehip Juice Extract 

Though well-known for improving symptoms of the common cold, did you know that vitamin C can also provide an essential antioxidant in the fight against damaging cholesterol, according to researchers?

Check out our article on Vitamin C to learn about the right dose, the right timing, and the right way to take vitamin C to protect your immune system. We take a deep dive there because there is a lot of misinformation out there. For example:

  • You can take too much vitamin C. Much more than 600mg per day may be good for the immune system, but it might also hurt your ability to gain muscle from exercise.
  • Vitamin C works best for immune health when taken daily and boosted at the first sign of infection symptoms, according to the research.
  • Vitamin C should be complemented with other essential nutrients to ensure your immune system has everything it needs - in the right amounts! - to do its job.

Rosehips are known for the potent vitamin C punch, and they may reduce cholesterol and inflammation in the blood, according to one study that also established its effect of lowering high blood pressure.

Plus, we know now that rosehip juice extract may reduce osteoarthritic pain by reducing inflammatory activity that damages joints (and blood vessels), thanks to a recent analysis of rigorous research.

As a natural nutraceutical source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, rosehip juice extract is an easy choice for helping your immune system beat an infection.

One Gram of Sugar

Resync Ready To Drink has only a single gram of sugar.

With a flavor so rich, you might imagine we added nasty artificial flavors or sketchy ingredients. But you know that Resync stands for what you should demand: quality and transparency.

No added sugar is part and parcel with our mission, and it helps you eat less sugar.  

Not many people know that sugar may suppress your immune system by other pathways, reviewed in this science-based blog.

Besides tasty plan-based extracts (which pack an additional antioxidant kick), all we’ve added is a kiss of monk fruit. No fillers. No added sugars. We think Resync Beverage tastes excellent, but we will let you be the judge!


Effervescence pleasantly brings out the natural flavors and is traditionally used to settle an overactive stomach. And like I mentioned above, choosing an alternative to the typical sugar- and phosphorous-filled carbonated drinks can bring additional value to your bone health. 

Synergy In A Can

It’s one thing to list what research supports the beneficial ingredients we’ve included, but why would you want to take all of these ingredients and pack them into one slim can?

Many of these ingredients synergize together to give you benefits beyond just the properties of the individual ingredients. 

For example:

  • Polyphenols have been shown to synergize with natural nitrates to lower inflammation and promote heart health.
  • Inulin, fiber, and beta-glucan all lower cholesterol in a unique way from the pathway that polyphenols, rosehip juice extract, and vitamin C do.
  • Vitamin C and plant-based nitrates can improve recovery times after exercise, and the unique polyphenols from sea buckthorn extract add on another layer of connective tissue protection.
  • Nitrates provide firepower, and vitamin C offers the antioxidant barrier for your immune system, while polyphenols and fiber provide the food for your good gut bacteria, and sea buckthorn helps seal the pathogens out of your digestive system.    

All of the ingredients together promote multi-system health so your immune system can keep its guard up while you take a load off.


Count On Resync For Optimal Health

What really matters is what Resync can do for you, how Resync can make you feel. 

Resync Beverage is the first-of-its-kind sparkling heart-healthy plant-based energy drink that boosts you up, not breaks you down. It’s a luscious experience to drink and an invigorating experience to feel. 

Stop hurting your immune system with sugary processed foods

Take your health, take your feelings, and take your life into your own hands with every decision. 

Grab your health and go forward with your day, knowing you’re doing the best thing possible for your immune system and heart health.

Elevate your health with plant-based nitric oxide blend and phenolic antioxidants. 

Researchers have known it for years, some clinicians realize it too, and our society is aching for a tasty, hydrating, healthy drink. But, it’s not until now that a sparkling heart-healthy drink that harnesses the power of nitric oxide has been available. 

Effortless, enjoyable, healthy. A convenient functional food like nothing this world has seen. 

Add variety to your life, add value to your health and try Resync Beverage today!


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Wishing you the best in your health,

The Resync Team



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Written by Barbara Depta and registered dietitian, Detrick Snyder, MPH, RDN. Updated on 12/7/2020.


This content is for general informational purposes only, and does not constitute the practice of any professional healthcare service, INCLUDING the giving of medical advice. No provider-patient relationship is formed. The use of this information, and the materials linked to this content is at the user's own risk. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should abide by the advice of their healthcare provider, and should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice for any medical condition they may have.

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