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Why Chocolate Milk Is Not Be The Best Choice Post Workout

  • Barbara Depta
chocolate milk and recovery


Regardless if your goal is to be stronger, faster or leaner, you know that consistent training and effective recovery are inevitable to achieve any of these results.

As a proponent of a healthy lifestyle, you know that sugary chocolate milk is your worst enemy, and it definitely doesn’t contribute to your athletic recovery.

So the question is, why, would you consume something high in sugar, like chocolate milk post workout?

You know sugar contributes to:

  • Fat gain
  • It can make you less focused
  • It can contribute to inflammation
  • It doesn’t help your heart function, which affects your endurance and effectiveness of your recovery.

Yet for some reason, you still consume it after your workouts so again why?

Yes, you may have been told to consume an adequate amount of carbohydrates to refill glycogen stores but why would you think sugar is the answer?

Chocolate milk may be easy to consume, but it is not easy to digest. Yes, it is a carbohydrate, protein and fat source. It provides the building blocks for muscles, and it also contains sodium, potassium and calcium. But again, it contains quite a lot of sugar that, despite the pros, is the biggest and should be the most significant reason for you to question your consumption of any sugary drinks post-workout.

And yes, the inexpensive cost is a plus as well, but wait a minute! Why do you try to be cheap when it comes to your health and athletic recovery? Recovery is the first step, and the most important one to improved performance & health success.

Don’t you think?

We take athletic recovery very seriously; our motto is “An under-recovered athlete becomes an injured athlete.” Thus even though Resync doesn’t contain protein, fat or large amount of carbs, it actually supports the delivery of vital nutrients to your system so it should become part of your post recovery as no matter what you decide to take, you want to make sure it actually gets to your system. 

From our point of view, contrary to what many believe, there is way more to athletic recovery than simply adding electrolytes, hydration or the main macronutrients.

We care what happens on the deepest level!

By now researchers concluded that inflammation causes fascia, your connective tissue to thicken making you stiffer and less spring, which is not good for your athletic performance, and recovery.

As mentioned above, we know that one of the biggest culprits to body inflammation is sugar. So why allow this sweet little thing found in chocolate milk to have a negative effect on your fascia and recovery?

Why not support blood flow and healthy inflammatory markers due to exercise, which are THE keys to athletic recovery? We know that herbs and spices contain bioactive ingredients to support recovery without the negative effects of sugar. So does Resync. The herbs found in Resync have all been researched deeply and multiple pathways have been discovered for each of them that support inflammation due to exercise in multiple ways.


At the end of the day, every athlete will have his personal preference for what supplement he or she wants to use.

I simply want to invite you to learn more about products that are a healthy choice for your body, and a great option for post workout and athletic recovery.

The choice is yours, make sure you make the right one.

Keep in mind “ An under-recovered athlete becomes an injured athlete.”

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