Curious About Collagen?

Key Takeaway: 

If you want: 

  • Physical stability
  • Graceful movement
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Less fatigue, or
  • Less stiffness and pain

The common link is healthy connective tissue and a healthy heart.  

An optimized, quality collagen supplement can help support these systems so that you can lead a life of vitality and beauty, both inside and out.

Why You Should Care About Your Collagen to Stay Energized

Your body can produce collagen on its own, but even if it can, that doesn’t mean it will work best without added support. Whether you don’t always know how to max out your connective tissue health or you’ve suffered an injury that’s turned into a chronic problem, you might want to consider supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen.  

Like the tides keeping tidepools alive with fresh nutrients, after every meal your blood comes in waves that provide nutrients to your tissue. The tide comes in to build collagen and it goes out, taking with it damaged tissue and unwanted materials. 

This is one reason Resync’s Collagen Blend was formulated to support collagen health and heart health. No other formula delivers the collagen peptides in a form your body prefers along with the nitric oxide precursors that support blood flow and a healthy blood pressure to get those nutrients where they need to go.

It’s good to know that your body can make its own collagen, but aging slows those waves down to a trickle of what they used to be. Our flexibility is replaced with stiffness, we become prone to injury, and we’re more likely to see the symptoms of unrepaired wear and tear. 

In fact, your collagen levels are closely linked with your bone density.  It’s when both start going down in your 40s that you become more prone to bone fractures as well as skin that shows the signs of aging.

Don’t lose your hope though! With a little help from your friends at Resync, you can age with grace and poise!

Nourishing your connective tissues with a healthy diet and effective supplementation can help ensure that those waves can clear out damaged tissues and are delivering a rich source of the best building blocks. 

One recent study has shown that supplementing with 5 grams of collagen per day for a year improves bone density. Many other studies have shown the benefits of using collagen hydrolysate, like the one used in Resync Your Joints, for improving age-related drying and wrinkling of the skin

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