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Not Every CBD Product Has Medicinal Power!

Not Every CBD Product Has Medicinal Power!

“Can you personally distinguish full-spectrum hemp oil from broad-spectrum, isolate, or hemp seed oil?” That’s just one of many other questions health practitioners ask themselves about hemp-derived products. 

And it is an important question to ask even if you want to use CBD products for your personal purposes at home.

But the two most important question you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Is it legal for companies to sell CBD products as a supplement in the US?
  2. If I do want to buy CBD-based products, what should I be looking into to make sure I am safe?

Key Reasons Why You Should Consume Aronia Berry

Key Reasons Why You Should Consume Aronia Berry
We know that nutrition plays a huge role in our health. Incorporating foods that improve redox status and reduce inflammation with antioxidant-rich foods or healthy fats is a great way to promote your health and support daily performance.

At some point in your life you probably have heard that berries are good for you, right? Yet, not all of them are equal and have the same medicinal power. There are more studies coming out on how berries support our health from different angles. In the last decade, researchers and scientists have created berry symposiums across the world, where they discuss their clinical data on how berries can positively affect our systems from our heart, stomach, brain, metabolism, and more.

Red Spinach (Not Green!) to Support Your Cardiovascular Health

Red Spinach (Not Green!) to Support Your Cardiovascular Health

As an almost 40-year-old woman, diet matters to me tremendously as I know how much it impacts my energy levels. 

That’s why quality always comes first with energy-promoting nutrients. 

Who does not want energy, right?  

We all need it for different purposes. And you definitely do not need to be an endurance athlete to desire keeping up with your daily tasks, and never having to worry about your energy levels declining as the day goes on.  

I always look for whole foods - natural food ergogenic aids - to support my daily performance. I am very aware that as I joyfully age, my nitric oxide levels go down so natural foods that I consume need to lift me up with every opportunity I get.  

There is one particular veggie I’ve added to my diet in the last several years that I want to talk to you today about, red spinach. Not green, but red spinach, sometimes called Amaranth.

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