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  Last week, I shared with you that collagen is an essential part of our connective tissue and that it can be supported by a healthy diet. I also mentioned that not all collagen or collagen peptide products will effectively support your connective tissue health. Before we...

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  Resync launched in late 2017 by Barbara Depta, a renowned structural balance and flexibility coach to many professional athletes, is a clean product line based on natural nitrate sources like red spinach extract and supported by valuable additional ingredients such as curcumin, to support your anti-inflammatory lifestyle and daily vitality. She had...

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Ladies, Let’s Talk Aging And Supplements

  • Barbara Depta

Ladies, Let’s Talk Aging And Supplements Let’s face it…getting older is a challenge for everyone, and arguably a greater challenge for women than men. In addition to the physical and physiological changes related to aging and altered hormones, women also face the cultural pressure to...

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  On November 20, 2017, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “New Evidence for Critics of Weight-Loss and Sports Supplements”, addressing some serious safety concerns that the FDA has with supplements that are widely available to the public online, and in nutritional and...

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