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  Feeling muscle soreness from working out and training? If you want to be more consistent with your workouts without feeling so sore, then we have great news for you:   As you know, greater consistency means greater results—but you want to make sure you...

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Peak Performance & Optimized Recovery with Resync

  • Barbara Depta

  Optimize your performance and facilitate your recovery by working with a physical therapist, #ChoosePT!  As part of National Physical Therapy Month, we’re giving you the deliverables to enhance your recovery by giving your body what it needs to stay at peak performance: collagen, antioxidants,...

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  We know that we possess a strong survival instinct to be able to respond to any life-threatening situations. Athletes especially are equipped with so-called thick skin when it comes to that. Nonetheless, when they stay under that “stress mode” without taking any break for...

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